The Buddha Pests Display Their Unique and Groovy Song “All Alone”

From London, alt-punk and metal band The Buddha Pests are making quite the name! With multiple releases and having just returned from their UK tour, their sound is being compared to that of The Pixies, Queens of the Stoneage, and Joy Division. In 2006, singer-songwriter Pete Derzbach started the project. Atilla Pal on bass and occasionally vocals, as well as Simon Du Toit on vocals, are currently featured. The Buddha Pests are here to bring an exciting mix of psychedelic and heavy rock that stimulates and delights the imagination. Their song “All Alone” is filled with rich guitar sounds and a groovy bassline; the smooth vocals fit well with this kind of bass. The percussion is powerful, changing rhythm throughout the song to keep it refreshing, and is completed with clean and hard-hitting drum fills. The track during the chorus is split in such a way that it demands audience attention. The vocal harmony is clear and clean, and the addition of the whistle is ear-catching and unusual. A dynamic ending leaves you wanting more. The Buddha Pests are working on their latest and greatest album, and we can’t wait to see where their new music will take us.

Listen to "All Alone" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic! Tell us a bit about yourselves and how you got your start in the industry.

I am 42 years old from Hungary, Budapest. I have been living in London UK for 15 years now. I started The Buddha Pests in 2006 since we have released two EPs and 2 albums and toured in Europe and in the UK a few times. I have started playing on open mic nights in London and started to know promoters from them and kept contact with them via the internet and other social media platforms.

Your sound has been compared to some notable bands such as Foo Fighters and Joy Division. How have bands like these influenced the way you create music?

My influences are 60s beat music, 60-70s rock, psychedelic rock, punk  80s art-rock new wave and 90s grunge and brit-pop and a lot of alternative rock from the 90s to nowadays. I really like Joy Division, I am not a huge Foo Fighters fan, but I like some of their tunes. I was a much bigger Nirvana and Queen of the stone age fun.

Even though you guys have just completed a UK tour, you’re already working on a new album. Why do you think this is your greatest album yet and what inspired you to write it?

Yes, we are working on our 3rd album, but still just coming up with ideas. What inspires us is the hidden unknown in our second mind. We try to be as "careless" as we can be and relaxed when we write as it possible and let things happen and if something unusual and surprising happens then we start to work them out. This album shouldn't give teaching about life and experiences and mindfulness. It should be a documentation of a few months of 2020 when we wish to meet with our unknown sounds and thoughts from our back or our mind. A bit to explore our unknown thoughts about what really affecting our lives.

What can we expect to see from The Buddha Pests throughout 2020?

We wish to release our 3rd album around autumn, a couple of new music videos from the album and hopefully a tour again in the UK, France, Italy, and Hungary. Also to get to as many people as it is possible and give people valuable time when they here us.