The Canadian Pop Duo We Can't Get Enough Of, Adera

Adera is an indie-pop duo from Vancouver Canada who formed in 2016. Their unique sound came from years of experimenting with the same songs until the founders of the band landed on a sound they felt was extremely unheard before. Adera’s live performances are extremely magical and explosive. Adera most recently orchestrated its sound and live show to include saxophone, guitar, and drums while still holding onto its vibrant synth sounds, introspective lyrics, and soft vocal tones. When you listen to Adera’s music you hear their distinctive and peculiar sound that becomes absorbable, completely wrapping their listener inside this bubble of creativity and mystic.

Adera’s live performances have gained them huge success and amongst this success came the track “Hollow”, completely engineered, produced, and mixed by Tom Dobranski. It was chosen to represent Vancouver on its global playlist that can be found on Spotify. Adera has obviously left a lasting impression on the people they come into contact with. Their music resonates well with practically anybody with an ear. I mean how can you not love them? They don’t follow the norm of other bands and instead sticks to their own individual characteristics that help them stand out from the crowd. A trailblazing act that’s producing dynamic music, Adera has been proving to everyone that they are here to stay.

Listen to Adera here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Adera! What’s the biggest element of your sound that you hold true to your music? Thanks for having us. That's a good question. What we try to do is make songs that we enjoy and that keep us guessing. The element of surprise? Haha, I don't know if that's exactly it but we do try to create songs that don't always do what we/you might expect them to. Whether or not we're succeeding I guess that's up to the listener.

What’s the biggest challenge you face when creating music and how do you tend to overcome the obstacle? This is kind of a continuation from my last answer. The biggest challenge is trying to find melodies, rhythms, structures, etc. that doesn't sound familiar but at the same time draw us in. To tackle this challenge we just play around until we uncover those unique ideas. It's all in following what our guts tell us, we're brutally honest with ourselves.

Let’s talk about your live performances! Do you have any pre-performance traditions you’d like to share with us? Nothing too crazy but now I feel like we gotta start some. We should make fun, obnoxious chant or something. I've heard that Walmart employees have to do one before work, ours could be like that lol. Generally, we'll just make sure our tummies aren't rumbling and we've got water ready to go on stage with, the basics. Real exciting stuff.

About your EP, “Inward”. What was the main theme behind this project? So this EP was created over the course of about 2 years, I believe. Because of this, all the songs were written as separate pieces of music rather than a collection of songs to be released together. There was a common sound between them though so that's how they ended up together on the record. Lyrically, the thread running through them seemed to be that they were all about looking within yourself to try to be a better person. Each track takes on a different inner struggle like anxiety, close-mindedness, equality, growing up, etc. 

You stated that you experimented with your sound a bit, can we find this different elemental music in your EP? You can :) We're always trying to let our music evolve. This way each release sounds different from the last and we don't get bored with what we're creating. At the same time, it naturally unfolds a story for us and our sound.

What’s next for you Adera?

We're always working on new music and have some juicy tracks that we're excited for people to hear. We are planning on releasing them next year and continuing to play shows in the meantime. Thanks for the questions BuzzMusic! You're the best.