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The Cody Steinmann Trio’s Latest Composition Is “Not Sappy At All”

Cody Steinmann is a seasoned musician with over a decade of professional performance and teaching experience.

His musical journey began at Milwaukee Area Technical College, earning an Associate's degree in Music Occupations before attaining the coveted Rita Tallent Picken scholarship to attend the University of Wisconsin – Parkside.

Cody's passion for music led him to study with notable artists such as Steve Peplin, Russ Johnson, and Solomon Parham. He has graced numerous stages with the Cody Steinmann Trio, Sightless Quartet, and the Cody Steinmann Band, headlining the 2021 Twin Cities Jazz Festival. His discography includes the 2019 debut album “7 (C0D3 7),” which was a reflection of his youth, followed by “Sightless Quartet Live” in 2021. He also appeared alongside Grammy award-winning bass player Ben Williams on Solomon Parham’s 2022 release 'Forward.' Now, Cody presents his latest offering, "Not Sappy At All," performed by the Cody Steinmann Trio.

"Not Sappy At All" demonstrates the Trio's musical mastery by intertwining diverse musical styles. The song blends jazz and alternative rock – a nod to Cody's commitment to exploring unique musical intersections. This unique fusion creates a dynamic soundscape that is both captivating and innovative.

The song's title holds to its sound — absolutely nothing sappy. A symphony of complex instrumental layers takes listeners on an auditory journey; nostalgic melodies, intricate drum patterns, and soaring guitar riffs. This dynamic sound aligns with Cody's overall musical mission: to create authentic and compelling music that ventures beyond traditional boundaries while staying firmly rooted in jazz. Tracks of this caliber are hard to come by but remain destined to touch the hearts of the Twin Cities jazz community and throughout the music scene.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Cody, and congratulations on your latest release, "Not Sappy At All. Tell us, was there a specific song or artist that made you realize you wanted to become a musician?

Not necessarily, I liked many different artists coming up, and I feel it felt natural for me to become an artist in the medium of music myself. I will say my two biggest inspirations are John Coltrane and Wayne Shorter. What led to the formation of the Cody Steinmann Trio?

I always wanted to lead a trio, and during COVID, I felt I needed to do a project with a more traditional ensemble. I also like the added advantage of being able to tour and get rehearsals in easier—fewer schedules to deal with when there are only 3 of you. Can you tell us the inspiration behind “Not Sappy At All?"

Yes, Not Sappy is about the way I love. It’s sappy. The name is sarcasm about how I’m the sappiest idealistic lovebird ever. Even in platonic relationships, I love hard; it’s just how I am. How has your approach to music evolved from your student days to now, as you release original compositions among various ensembles?

For the most part, I feel it’s the same. Composition comes naturally to me, and I have to force myself not to do it. My experience of life and PTSD have left me with an undying stream of emotions and inspiration to draw from. The one thing that has changed is how I get there now, I used to only hand-write charts for bands (I still do this mostly), but now I run a DAW and produce as well. What’s the most valuable advice you could offer a musician just starting their journey?

Don’t be hard on yourself. Experiment as much as you can, and learn to love yourself. Take note of what works, what doesn’t, when???…. and what’s still unfamiliar. You are always a student of the music. Always ask yourself, what does this music need from me right now?


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