The Colorful and Bright BoBo Blends Sounds Of The 80s With His Modern Flavor In “Colour TV”

The creative artist and entrepreneur BoBo releases music via his own company. Responsible for song-writing, vocals, recording, production, mixing, and mastering.

BoBo releases his first single of the year "Color TV." After many consecutive releases last year, he plans to add the colorful and bright energy the industry needs. With a bachelors in London and a masters in Stockholm, the well-educated BoBo gives us a taste of his upcoming EP set to be released this September. With a blend of the 80s pop-style hooks, BoBo shows off a new playful style while exchanging his mother tongue for lyrics in English.

As we get introduced to "Colour TV," we can hear the pop-related elements with a catchy yet unique instrumental. BoBo talks about how he doesn't like when the person he loves leaves and that having her around brings so much joy and light to his life. This record brings across a daring, dancing, and fun vibe that has us dancing in the middle of professing our love for each other. He continues to say how the love she gives him makes him feel like a "Colour TV" because before, his life was "Black and white before you."

BoBo gives us massive summer feelings as "Colour TV" takes us to a place where we feel proud and happy to be loved. The lyrics define what we want to feel when we meet the love of our lives; it signifies a great bond and allows us to look for those feelings when choosing who we want to spend our time with. The instrumental following his vocals melt our hearts and feeds our souls precisely what it needs, "Colour TV" gifts us with all the beautiful sounds and songs not to be forgotten.

As we come to a close, BoBo's vocals shine through as it blends with the beat, giving it a soft, smooth sound with lyrics that are hard to forget. He mixes his sounds with background vocals that are to die for.

Let's dance the night away with BoBo and his new hit single "Colour TV," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic BoBo; we are happy to have you join us today. We love "Colour TV" how did you come up with the concept, and what do you think inspired you most when you created the record?

The concept for color TV is inspired by the idea of finding something to explain what happens to you when you fall in love with somebody. I love working with something visual that is easy to grab for the listener. Falling in love for me was like seeing a gray world explode into color - like a color TV.

Who assisted you with creating "Colour TV," and why did you choose the instrumental you did?

I did the whole track myself—writing, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering. The instrumental somehow captured a cool, colorful emotion and high energy, so I picked them. Color explosion equals high energy and positive vibes for me.

What advice would you give the younger artists who want to create quality music and successfully do it?

Learn and be curious. Never be satisfied with having someone else do the job. The moment you hold the tools in your hand, you will understand how limited you've been by someone else's restrictions of knowledge.

As we listen to the lyrics of "Colour TV," we can tell you are telling a story. What impact do you want the record to have on people that listen to it?

To appreciate what you have and find who they think of when they put this tune on. That's your color TV, and that's probably someone to keep in your life!

What's next for you?

I'm releasing my EP' Brand New' in September, and hopefully, I'm ready with an album to hit the world in 2023.