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The Combination This Duo Makes Is Unforgettable! KhanPhAro & The New Creatures With “Time To Kill”

KhanPhAro and OzyMandaiz began KP&TNC (KhanPhAro & The New Creatures) in 2016 after much success under the BusinessBoysNeverRest mantle. The Seattle, WA based experimental hip-hop duo caught the attention of local promoters, landing radio spins on indie stations including KEXP, and opening for such notable acts as Macklemore.

KP&TNC is here with a hot new record you won’t forget! They released their single titled “Time To Kill” and this is one of those songs where you can hear years from now and still feel the same sensations you felt prior to the first time you heard it. I mean it’s just timeless and unforgettable! The beat was so elevating and the melody in their deliveries was just mesmerizing. “Time To Kill” completely captured our moment, and sucked us into this song, creating a whole new vibe for us. Well versed in hard-hitting 808’s, Psychedelic guitar solos, and hypnotizing vocals were some of the many elements provided to us through “Time To Kill”. The classic aesthetics mixed with contemporary energy was a smoothly-connected fusion you won’t get enough of! “Time To Kill” really transported us back into a different era of music and society. I believe this is the most attractive quality of the song was the setting it creates. The images you mentally paint and the environment you’re bound to fabricate is easily reachable from the canvas painted by KP&TNC. “Time To Kill” was a beautifully done song that we loved!

Check out "Time To Kill" here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hi KhanPhAro & The New Creatures! Super cool artist name. What’s the story behind it?

There’s actually multiple answers to that. Pretty much the name KhanPhAro is two of my favorite artist/producers names combined. It also happens to be my real names initials and my spirit animals name that came to me during a hike in the jungles of the Philippines while tripping on acid and dmt. The new creatures is my band and that name came from a book I own by Jim Morrison who happened to haunt me for the first 3 years I moved to California.

Considering your dope sound. Who are some of your influences? In what ways have they inspired your style of music?

My influences range from New Kids On The Block to The Beatles to Michael Jackson to Nirvana to Master P to N.E.R.D and Kanye. I’m a sucker for Pop music all the way to underground dirty 808 hardcore punk shit. My mind is a melting pot of influences from different eras thanks to my mom my dad and cousins who introduced me to all types of sounds.

Speaking of your music, “Time To Kill” was IT! What was the full theme behind this song?

Basically the beat was a nice feel good vibe and I could of took the easy way out and made it 100% love dovey pop shit, but I wanted to give it a lil twist, some yin and yang spice. So I decided to write about an old best friend of mine who happens to be an ex and talk about some semi sad memories on a happy track.

In what ways were you able to personally relate to “Time To Kill”? what does it represent for you? Personally relate?

Hahaha it’s about my ex that I was madly in love with, unfortunately it was just a toxic relationship. We were best friends for 5 yrs and decided to date for a year. I’ve thrown in references and real life scenarios of everything we’ve been through into this heat rock track.

Any exciting summer plans?

Disneyland and music.


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