The Corduroy Blue Dresses Us In, "Wonderman"

The rising alt-rock outfit from Atlanta, Atticus and Luke Roness, is known as The Corduroy Blue. They took the local scene by storm with their debut single 'Gimme Love,' and between their retro sound and the simply electric live performances, this band of brothers has their sights set far beyond that of the hometown heroes.

Releasing their third single as an alluring duo, The Corduroy Blue presents us with a 70s inspired anthem titled "Wonderman." Taking in the piano-forward ballad in all of its captivating glory, there's a seamless unity when each musical element is introduced to us in this composition. The prevailing keys blend with the rhythmic essence of the uplifting grooves found in the drums and bass. Offering up a triumphant feeling to hold onto, we're rushed with a sense of nostalgia that sweeps us off our feet.

Reminiscent of the sounds of legendary artists such as Billy Joel and Elton John, the authenticity that comes pouring in from this celebration of humanity is rather remarkable. It's clear to us why this is The Corduroy Blue's most impactful piece to date. Crooning us with passion-fueled timbres that gently glide into an authoritative command throughout "Wonderman," it's hard not to be drawn towards the glory found in this soundscape.

Tying together the old school sounds of classic rock and rock n roll in its most recent form, The Corduroy Blue gives us all a little something to look forward to, and that's the ability to bask in the dynamism; showcased in "Wonderman."

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The Corduroy Blue, and congratulations on the release of your latest single, "Wonderman." Before we dig into the nitty-gritty with this release, we have to ask: how did you two come to form The Corduroy Blue and come up with such a comforting name?

The Corduroy Blue is me (Atticus Roness) and my younger brother Luke Roness. We had been playing in bands and stuff before, but we wanted to make a brand for the two of us and base it off of the rock and roll heroes of the past that we are inspired by. The name itself just came from me feeling a bunch of clothes in my closet, and I wanted our music to sound the way that the corduroy felt. Blue is just my favorite color!

When it comes to "Wonderman," what moment or story inspired the creation of this record? Did the vision come to life exactly how you imagined it to?

"Wonderman" is an interesting case, as most of these songs of ours so far are from a kind of 3rd person perspective; in that, I (Atticus) wasn’t currently going through a lot of the stuff the songs are talking about, but Wonderman was very different. I just got sad one morning, no real reason. It was just how I was feeling, and I just started hammering the G chord on the piano, which starts the song and is the main piece of the verse and sing-along part. That song was just about cheering myself up, and calling myself the ‘wonderment’ just made me feel good. Like Elton John (Rocket Man), Billy Joel (Piano Man), or Bowie (Star Man), I wanted to just give myself a rock n’ roll nickname I guess haha. The tune came alive way better in the studio than we anticipated because it is such an audience participation song, so I think we are really happy with it.

What does this song mean to you both as the creators? What message would you like your audience to take away from it when consuming this piece?

I kind of answered this with #2, but to expand, I want the song to instill hope in people. Not in a cheesy way, but in a “when no one’s around, applaud yourself’ kind of way. I think the cover art one by the brilliant Aidan Lyerly also helps that message come across more as introspective rather than tacky which was the purpose.

What has been the best piece of advice you've been given throughout your music career?

We have been given lots of great advice over the years, I mean a big one for us is the idea that the music business, and the recording industry at large if it’s something you truly want, is attainable. A producer told us that if you work hard and smart, the dream is not in the clouds, it's more like a mountain. Mountains have peaked, naturally, they’re finite then. So just keep working and writing and getting better, and we will hit the dream, whatever that looks like.

What's next for you?

On a short-term scale, we are gonna put out this single, play some great shows with some great artists, but our big thing this year is to finally record a debut album. We feel like we have the songs, the message, and the means, so why not make a statement?