The "Flames" in High and Dry's Mind Spreads like Wildfire

High and Dry is an alternative rock band from Los Angeles, California. Comprised of Kai (Lyrics, Vocals) and Dustin Stonebrook (Music, Production), the duo has been performing original songs and covers for the past 12 years.

Their sound has undeniable Classic Rock, Jazz, and Country influences while nesting comfortably between progressive rock and early emo.

The pandemic kept High and Dry hard at work with the diligent creating process of bringing forth their music to the ears of the public. Honing in on the introductory single of their latest three-track EP, ‘Better Late Than Never,’ we come to the sustaining sounds of “Flames.”

Encapsulating us within the opulent sounds of this slow tempo power ballad, the reverberated vessel of “Flames,” has us sinking into the intently prevailing manner in which it’s conveyed. Transporting our minds to the dark undertones of the top-tier mix, we find that every instrument, courtesy of Dustin Stonebrook, has its place in the way the musical foundation caters to a sublime flow that effortlessly passes through our thoughts.

Laying down a prominent rapture of lyrical motifs, the smoldering timbres of Kai pull us into the infectious grooves exposed through heartfelt passion. Structuring together abstract, yet direct wording that tugs at our cognizant headspace, we can’t help but to have lyrics like, ‘I guess we’ll never know. Feed the flame. Your breath when you call my name, just feeds the flame,’ shape the curiosity within ourselves.

High and Dry has a knack for fusing together your favorite attributes from the repertoire of their inspirations and fashioning a bolstered soundscape that draws you into their gravitational pull. Prepare for the ultimate medley of familiar sounds that feel refreshing.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, High and Dry. We found “Flames,” to be the perfect introduction to your latest EP ‘Better Late Than Never.’ What prompted you to place this as the first track heard on the project?

This was a song that came very easily to us. We had a writing session and it just poured out over the course of about an hour. We loved it so much and felt like it stretched our style a little while still being very much ours. Placing it as the first track, we thought it would give people something new from us while still being somehow familiar.

Could you please dive a little deeper into what this song means to you and what you’re hoping your audience takes away from it?

We’ve always had very emotional lyrics that speak to relationships of all kinds. This one is about that cyclical feeling when you’re in a relationship you know isn’t good for you or, really, toxic, but there’s something that keeps drawing you in. Whether it’s familiarity or comfort or lust… whatever, you just can’t seem to break away. We know it’s a feeling most people can identify with and music is such an amazing way of coping with those feelings; knowing you’re not the only one who’s felt that way and that someone else has made it through it all.

In terms of the three songs heard on ‘Better Late Than Never,’ what is the overall concept that forms this body of work?

This EP, in particular, is the moving-on piece. The last couple of EPs have had songs about lingering in feelings or situations- recognizing that something is wrong or stagnant and trying to see the way out. This one ties that feeling in with Flames and moves into Wish You Knew, which is the breaking away or break up piece. That one, you know, it’s done and you’re sort of saying your peace. Washed Away is the aftermath of pushing past all those hard feelings you’ve had to recognize and square with.

What is your mission statement as a band?

We’ve always been about honesty in who we are and how we feel. We’re big supporters of mental health and solidarity so being able to write songs that people can relate to and point at and say, “I know this feeling. I need to live in it for three minutes…”; it can be so therapeutic. We wanna be that band for those people who really need those three minutes.

What can listeners anticipate hearing next from you?

The next EP is still going to be very emotional but we wanna start breaking into the healing and moving on and moving up. We want those driving songs, those beach songs, the ones that are about being comfortable with yourself and speaking up about what you need. It’s the growth of mind and spirit, as cliche as that sounds. But it’s the natural progression of what we have to give. We’re really excited for this next one which, hopefully, will be out at the end of the summer.