The Grasping Straws Writes, Records, and Mixes their Latest Release in a Single Day

Since 2012, The Grasping Straws have been captivating the hearts of fans with their trade lysergic-reflecting instrumental choreographies. They received international recognition in 2015 from their debut full-length release followed by a successful tour in the United States. The founding members of The Grasping Straws have been making a name for themselves in the daunting scene of the musical metropolis of New York City. In their latest release, "Quarantine Halloween," frontwoman Mallory Feuer takes the soloing limelight for this bare-bones acoustic ballad. With the track "The Grasping Straws," have created sonic poetry that hits like a potent dose of subjugating psychedelia.

When asked about the initial inspiration behind this song, Mallory Feuer told BuzzMusic that she woke up on Halloween this year with the idea to spend the day playing around and concentrate on the state of the world with the pandemic, death toll, and the state of Democracy in America. "This is by far the scariest Halloween I've ever experienced." She challenged herself to "see if I could write, record, and mix the song by myself in one day, and I think performing it as a solo-acoustic track is emblematic of what musician life in isolation has been like."

Currently, working on a collaboration with an experimental video with performance artist Erica Schreiner set to be released on December 21st. We are excited to hear the next new exciting release from The Grasping Straws.

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