The Hate Club Releases "I AM A DISEASE," from new EP 'DEATH OF THE PROTAGONIST'

Alexander Poe has always followed his intuition. Relocating to Los Angeles before turning nineteen, the Ukrainian dreamer invests all his creative drive into creating grotesque and massive sounding electronic-influenced productions. And now, after so much progress and artistic co-ordination, he erupts under the guise of his one-man-band The Hate Club.

With this years, Poe's latest cut—"I AM A DISEASE," re-imagines the tropes of Rock, Electronic, and Industrial Metal music; evident through sweeping guitar solos, massive drums, and a wall of sound production that provokes the synergy between distortion lathered riffs and a consciously gritty low-end.

As we listen, a saturated fuzz permeates throughout "I AM A DISEASE"; giving it a supernal and otherworldly dark quality, while still feeling tangible and profound. It's like a track that you always play first, despite being the third track on the record. As the song divulges further down its abrasive trajectory, a mix of his social satire and aggression can be understood and felt throughout his mysterious, warbling voice. "My hands stained in blood, that's mine," he buzzes with a harsher yet more refined cantor than we've seen on his previous works; while still keeping his fearless, raw, and controversial authentic image at the forefront of all his creative endeavors. After the track's playthrough, it's not hard to see why Alexander Poe and all his commanding grit and grotesqueness have come this far. It's because I AM DISEASE (and all his Hate Club cuts) seem to linger with you. Kind of like the feeling you get attending a local underground-metal show that gets weird, you just can't shake off.

How long did it take you to establish your roots in L.A.'s dissimilar western landscape and all its overwhelming nature after first immigrating? It happened quite naturally and fast, being thrown into an unfamiliar environment you only got 2 options, either to “figure it out” or not. Within 2 weeks after moving to the US I was already playing in a band and going on a small tour. Looking back at it, everything was so wild, magical, and new. A huge part of me always wants to be traveling and waking up in new places every day. That’s when I truly feel alive. When things change faster than you’re able to grasp what happened, I hate comfort, it makes you stale. Did your flash of industrious genre-blending spirit begin in Ukraine, or was there another creative enlightenment somewhere along the way in Los Angeles? Not at all! I was massive jazz and classical music nerd. Then I started playing in indie bands while playing in a jazz band and a couple of other projects. At the same time, the electronic music scene also started exploding and I took interest in various DAWs learning how to produce and engineer my own records. After playing in multiple projects I went solo, that’s when The Hate Club was born. At first, THC definitely had an alternative/electronic feel to it, until one of my friends showed up, Alex Hilton - drummer from Another Lost Year and played some Gojira’s records. That’s when I realized I really want to make metal. If you were to describe any scenery of place with which your music would fit perfectly, what would it be? It would be a world where metal is being played in the hotel lobbies and shopping malls, The Hate Club Legion is the only judicial power and cannibalism is the preferred diet. Music festivals require mandatory attendance, and corpse make up is required at schools and work. What a lovely place that would be! What can we expect from you this year as you continue to follow your creative intuition? Are you in the works for any collaborations or a full-length album?

I just released a new EP - DEATH OF THE PROTAGONIST, working on a couple of covers and music videos. Also, THC’s debut album is in the works, 2021 perhaps? I can’t say I’m a big fan of collabs, mainly because it became more about “making content” than making music, all this “cross-pollination” lacks soul and feels too mechanical and faux. I want to discover myself and look inside, break walls and suffer, struggle and inspire, make mistakes and reincarnate. What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

Knowing that humans need art, knowing that since the virus took away social interactions and live concerts we truly need to move the needle and persevere to come out on top victorious. Knowing that we need to aspire to create meaningful works of art that will leave a footprint behind.