The Lady of the Tribes Pay Tribute to Their "Good Friends"

The multi-artistic collective The Lady of the Tribes pays a loving tribute to "Good Friends" with their recent passionate single and accompanying music video.

Formed in Stockholm by founder, composer, and artist Lyan Cahuac Hun, he created the collective to raise awareness of our role as humans in society. Comprised of various musicians, dancers, and makeup artists, The Lady of the Tribes creates soundscapes where harsh truths meet reality and interact with faith and fantasy.

In memory of their friend Marcelo Nunez who tragically passed away, The Lady of the Tribes recently released a single and music video to celebrate his life entitled "Good Friends." The song offers a swinging pop/soul/jazz fusion while touching on meaningful, heartfelt, and nostalgic lyricism.

Listening to the single, "Good Friends," the song opens with a warm piano melody accompanied by a groovy drum beat and an array of warm guitars that swing us into the jazzy atmosphere. As Lyan Cahuac Hun begins vocalizing his devotion towards his close friends, he brings us into an incredibly bright and chilling atmosphere through the song's invigorating sonics and his words that pay tribute to their sweet memories he'll cherish forever.

Peaking at their music video for "Good Friends," the scenes go back and forth between Lyan Cahuac Hun serenading us on his piano to offering a lively performance abound graffiti-filled walls, evoking all sorts of nostalgic images within our minds. Not to mention the two female dancers that groove away to the song's jazzy feel; they offer an incredibly choreographed dance that emphasizes the importance of having "Good Friends."

Remind yourself to hold your close friends near to your heart with The Lady of the Tribes' recent single, "Good Friends," and find the song's music video on YouTube.

A grand welcome to BuzzMusic, The Lady of the Tribes, we highly appreciate the feel-good atmosphere you've delivered within your recent single, "Good Friends." What inspired you to create a song that honors our close friends?

Lyan: I've been traveling all my life and moving from one place to another... I've lived in four different countries and I've always been lucky to find beautiful friends in all these places, I mean real friends, people that through the years remain there for you, people who are willing to travel to the other side of the world to spend a holiday with you, people who are always there to hold you in the hardest moments. "The good friends in the distance will be there". There is also a special and fascinating nostalgia about our childhood and teenage friends that follows us... this nostalgia intrigues me a lot...

Could you expand on the members within your group and how you created the instrumental arrangements for "Good Friends?" What was the behind-the-scenes creative process like? Lyan: Due to the pandemic some of the band members are living in different countries so our regular line-up is a bit spread out right now... Our bass player Byron Cortes is right now with his family in Austria. Our guitarist Juan Bernal is in Colombia. Here in Sweden is Inaki Marconi, who is our producer, Marcelo (RIP) so we're looking for a drummer, Lars Åhlund as a guest artist on the saxophone and myself Lyan Cahuac Hun, piano, keyboards, lead vocalist, and producer. I did all the arrangements for Good Friends... It usually begins with me making pre-production in my own studio and then we do all the processes for the production with all the other musicians. At the same time, we were producing the song, I was already designing the whole idea for the video clip with the other team members Angelika Morey Strömberg (Choreographer and dancer) and Fredrik Gille (Cinematographer). Was it challenging to create a song like "Good Friends" that's in memory of a dear friend? Did you face any personal challenges when writing your lyricism? Good Friends was written when Marcelo was still alive... he was the drummer in the band, he recorded the drums for Good Friends in December 2020, two weeks after, he died in a tragic and unexpected way. Marcelo was a very close friend, and it was very difficult to continue with the recordings of Good Friends... I remember the first session for vocal recording. I could not do it because I would start crying in the middle of the session... Yes, to finish producing the song was very hard cause everything was so attached to him. Who were the two dancers featured in your music video for "Good Friends?" Did they create their choreography themselves? Our two dancers in the video are Angelika Morey Strömberg and Nellie Åkerström. Angelika created the whole choreography and the three of us together with Fredrik the cinematographer created all the ideas for the video from script to color palette! Angelika and Nellie are part of The Lady Of The Tribes collective and they will appear in the upcoming videos as well! One of the beautiful facts about working with Angelika and Nellie for Good Friends is that they are very very good friends... so, no acting!! hehe! Just press the red button and let them roll!