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The Los Angeles City Life Influences "Expectations" Creator, Elektra Prince

With perseverance, dedication, and an extensive background in the music industry, the ever-so-talented Elektra Prince has taken several years to bring his music to the public. Thus, anticipation greets us kindly with the ambient hues and alluring vocal performance on his latest single, "Expectations."

Taking his moments of feeling and emotion into an electro-pop soundscape that grazes the borders of Hip-hop, we find that the narrative tours you through the embodiment of the anxiety and ambiguity of trying to navigate one's social and dating life in a big city like Los Angeles.

The prominence in the bassline reflected in the musical masterpiece mirrors the city's ambitious culture. It plays into what Elektra Prince himself has experienced in his transition from Arizona to LA. Working hard on the continual development of his artistry, Elektra Prince has our eyes peeled for what's to come next in the wavy and mesmerizing grasp of his creative reach.

Listen to "Expectations" on all streaming platforms today, and catch up BuzzMusic's feature on Elektra Prince here.

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