The Lovemade Collective Is Making Waves With New Single “Hold Steady”

The Lovemade Collective are a UK-based music group made up of 3 multitalented artists. Amaru Muru was born in Zimbabwe and is now a rapper, songwriter, producer, and studio manager. Kenny, who creates music under the name MCK, was born in London and is a singer-songwriter, producer and engineer. Fats, Kenny’s older brother, was born in Azerbaijan and is a videographer, rapper, songwriter, and producer. The Lovemade Collective comes from all parts of the world, allowing them to embrace their culture within the music they produce.

Their recent single “Hold Steady” is an electronic dance song with low hip-hop vibes. This song has the type of beat that gets your hips moving before you even notice they already are. The chorus is sung with relaxed vocals, placing emphasis on the electronic sound engineering. There are two rapping verses in “Hold Steady". The rappers’ UK accents are obvious which gives the song its originality and appeal. Lyrically, The Lovemade Collective sings about overcoming adversity and “holding steady” because they know that “when it rains it pours.” Through their past struggles, they are still willing to open up to the love interest they are singing to. Many songs in both the dance and rap genre can be overpowering and simply too much, but The Lovemade Collective finds a healthy balance between these styles of music. "Hold Steady" is a song you're going to want to add to your feel-good playlists.

Stream "Hold Steady" here.


For anyone who doesn't already know, who is The Lovemade Collective?

We're a team of singers, rappers, producers, engineers and videographers with a studio in Southampton.

Can you tell us about the writing/production process of 'Hold Steady'?

Yeah, so we all just linked up one day in the studio and pulled an all nighter vibing to this beat that Fats pulled up. We were all going through a mad time with prioritising our music and our girlfriends and stuff so it all kinda came out naturally when we hit the booth.

Each of you are multitalented artists with an impressive resume of skills. Can you tell us how you developed these skills, and how they impact how you make your music today?

MCK: So, I can only really talk about myself on this one... I've been studying classical music and playing instruments since I was 4 years old and I always loved writing my own pieces in random places wherever there was a piano or guitar. When I started linking up with Fats and Muru I was well on my way to creating my own sounds and making beats for whoever wanted to do their thing on them. My beats were already sounding pretty good because I was learning how to mix through free YouTube tutorials cuz I couldn't afford to pay someone else to do it - which was a blessing in disguise as now I'm the go-to guy for mixing rap vocals or beats. When I turned 18 I went to ACM for uni and learned the key fundamentals of producing and recording from OG's like John Gallen and Simon Gogerly, and through this I also got to attend masterclasses and have private chats with Tony Cousins from Metropolis studios about audio mastering which is now a skill I am working on perfecting. When it comes to singing I really don't have a clue how to do it, I just feel it in my heart and sing what I feel, no ones ever taught me so again I'm just going through YouTube tutorials and practicing breathing techniques whilst I deliver pizzas in my part time day job (sad I know but I guess it's gotta be done...).

Muru: So I'm the oldest and (wisest) lol one of the group and I've been rapping since I was like 14 years old but didn't really start beat making until I was 18. I remember paying extortionate prices for studio when I couldn't really afford it, so then I thought I need to invest in a studio and learn all the programs I need so I could do it all myself. I first linked up with Fats and MCK when I started university and we straight away rated each others music so then we started making music together and decided to become a group. We all knew that we have to try to do everything ourselves, with me owning a studio, Fats owning videography equipment and Ken going to ACM and learning everything needed to have our music sounding perfect we knew we could really bring something special to the music industry.

Fats: The eccentric of the group, often found in the clouds. I first found a love for music through playing guitar in which slowly transcended to spoken word/poetry and rap. This new found love for lyricism helped me enroll into College where I studied level 3 digital music production so I could learn the art of composing my own instrumentals and recording my voice to accompany them. It was through University where I met Muru, and musically we were very in tune with each other. Naturally I introduced my brother (MCK) and given some time the Lovemade Collective was born. For years we all watched artists rise and gain popularity thinking, there's nothing they can't accomplish that we can't. What you can conceive you can achieve, so we set aims and goals to try to become as self sufficient as we could and create a team. It was during this time that I was scouted through one of my songs on SoundCloud to join an upcoming Rap Battle League within Southampton. Little did I know this would eventually help me set up my own business. Through this group I became close with the owners and decided to be a partner, in which I then bought myself my first DSLR Camera to record said "battles". As I started to progress in both my filming and editing skills I then moved onto shooting music videos, to finally having my own office space, being full time self employed and the official videographer for The Lovemade Collective!

We heard that you have been involved in various charity events. Can you tell us a bit about how you have given back to your community?

Yeah so I mean... no one's perfect, but we try to build up our karma as we know whatever you put out to the universe comes back three-fold. So we've attended community-first charity events, cooked for homeless shelters, played gigs for children in need and stuff like that which always makes ya feel proper good when you do it because you know that no one there wants anything from you they just want to have a good time which is what music should be all about.

What are your plans for the future - do you have any upcoming shows or releases that we can look forward to? Our main plan for the future is to get people to understand who we are as individual artists, so I'm producing each of us a 4 track EP where we can showcase our hardest lyrics and our own experimental vibes. Fats might choose to just release singles with outrageous videos because that's his style, but regardless of how we do it, we'll have solo tracks out and more group singles out in the future. Anyways, all of the songs will be put up on our website and on whatever streaming sites in the next few months so you can keep an eye out for that. Sound!