The Matinee's "Trouble Is" Will Have You Feeling Reflective on Sociality

The Matinee is a rock band that contains a powerful intent on spreading certain themes across to their listeners. Their music is filled with topics that can easily stimulate a discussion, but they consistently offer these topics alongside a breezy and melodic production. The Matinee consists of vocalist Matt Mayzell, guitarist Matt Rose, drummer Pete Lemon, guitarist Geoff Petrie, bassist Marcus Abramzik, and keyboardist Georges Couling. The band comes together, in which they each collectively combine their expressive selves in order to manifest the raw and honest product of their sound. It's incredibly easy to see that all of the band's artists work in a complementary way, as the flow of the band's sound comes with a clear grace.

The Matinee come to BuzzMusic to offer their heartfelt single "Trouble Is". The Matinee is the type of band to really know how to pull on your heartstrings with their methodical and velvety sound. Their harmonious sound is a staple to The Matinee, as they blend together instrumentals and vocals in a very delicate and smooth way. "Trouble Is" unravels itself very slowly, and the melody retains a creamy texture, full of many genre elements. The Matinee takes up an alternative/rock persona in "Trouble Is", where we hear prominent country and blues soundings that offer an at-home type of feel. It's easy to relax with the songs calming tune, and much easier to follow along with the storyline The Matinee present. Content-wise, The Matinee brings about an intriguing discussion with the meaning of "Trouble Is", focusing on superficial elements that society cling on to today. They tie in these pivotal messages with a laidback music styling that incorporates a certain kind of richness inherent to the band. The overall product ends up being beautifully expressive, and so it'll be interesting to see what The Matinee creates next! If it's anything along the lines of "Trouble Is", then we know we're in for a quality and stimulating sound.

Listen to "Trouble Is" by The Matinee here.