The Modern Society Showcases Vulnerability In “Bad Thoughts”

The Modern Society is an alternative pop four-piece band that announced their debut single “Bad Thoughts.” Equipt with a groundbreaking music video, “Bad Thoughts” is a song that will move your emotions. Starting off with the song itself, “Bad Thoughts” was a powerful single that discussed the theme of a person fighting their inner demons. When asked about the lyrical meaning behind this song, The Modern Society says “Bad Thoughts is about the importance of addressing poor mental health in the 21st century, trying to avoid the distraction from our mental states. The song is accompanied by visuals demonstrating the danger of suffering in silence and how quickly life can turn upside down.” these vigorous lyrics were equipped with riveting instrumentation and passionate vocal belts that helped deliver an emotionally heart-rending single.

When watching the music video released alongside the song, you get a stronger glimpse of the concept of “Bad Thoughts”. The Modern Society showcases the great amount of musicality mixed with theatricality when conveying emotion through the facial expressions and dynamic scenes in this video. You see the shift between a positive and optimistic life occurs at the right moment of the song and that’s what captivated us fully. The Modern Society doesn’t shy away from being vulnerable, instead, they demonstrate pure authentic sentiment throughout the entire video giving us a consistent trail-blazing experience.

Listen to “Bad Thoughts” by The Modern Society here.