The Real J Israel wears his heart on his sleeve in new R&B ballad “I Love You”

Indie gospel artist turned R&B artist, The Real J Israel is an Atlanta-based talent swiftly garnering the attention of audiences worldwide. His versatile writing style, hypnotizing vocals, and overall charisma keep his fans craving more. Inspired by legends like Babyface, James Brown and Micheal Bolton, The Real J Israel is prepared to show the world his incredible talent and is quickly on his way to becoming a household name. 

Through The Real J Israel’s single “I Love You”, the roots of the R&B/soul genre stand tall, that voice has character and the bars impress more and more so as the track progresses, but that backbone of authenticity in the beat and the weight of the soundscape helps cement the track as more than worthy of its role within the R&B music scene. The second time you spin this that key riff pours through with immediate familiarity. The calling cards of an effective love-ballad, certain layers, and details that capture your interest from afar. On top of this, The Real J Israel’s vocals add identity, the lyrics feel fresh and genuine, intense but real in what they present. The passion and desire in his voice adds further weight to the concept throughout “I Love You”.  A worthy love song from The Real J Israel, absolutely worth a listen! 

Give “I Love You” a listen here and read more with The Real J Israel below! 

Hello The Real J Israel! We're beyond happy to be featuring you and your song “I Love You" on BuzzMusic! Tell us about the recording process, and how the overall curative process was for this song?

The recording process is always a lot of fun. My team and I did our best to give it a traditional r&b feel especially with the harmonies in the background vocals. 

“I Love You" is surging with articulate emotions. What kind of feelings did you want listeners to be washed over with when listening to the song?

It was my intention to evoke honest emotions. When it comes to the affairs of the heart we should never shy away from expressing our true feelings. 

How would you say your music now compares to the music you curated when you first started out in the music industry?

Well they’re very similar. When I was recording gospel it was about expressing strong feelings towards God and life that people could relate to in their everyday spiritual life.

What predominant message was integrated within "I Love You"?

Now with the r&b I am still expressing strong compassionate feelings that people can relate in their social and love life. 

Thanks so much for talking with us The Real J Israel! What would you say inspires you and your music the most?

My inspiration comes from everyday life, as well as my passion for people and music. Music is truly a universal language and I love to communicate and connect with others 

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