The Remus Tucker Band Brings The Energy With Southern Rock Groove “Come On”

The Remus Tucker Band is a hard-hitting outlaw Southern Rock group from Denver, CO. Their music brings different worlds together. From the energy of guitar-driven hard rock, the intimacy of country, to the raw emotion of the blues, anything goes! The band has been around since 2012, released their first album “South of New Orleans” in 2013, and more recently have been modifying their sound and line up to present a true power group. They push the envelope in fast-paced and heavy toned music, with Remus Tucker’s trademark vocal delivery reminiscent of legendary rock performers such as Freddie Mercury and Ronnie Van Zant. The Remus Tucker Band is currently preparing new material and getting ready to hit the studio for an album release in early 2020. From their last single, “Lonely Mile”, to the new single “Come On”, you might feel like you’re hitting the road on a new adventure with Remus and the boys, and perhaps that is part of the story about to unfold.

We checked out “Come On” and we’re blown away! You can trust in high volumes for this entire record, classically rooted Southern Rock vibes pour through organic and honestly, gritty yet blissfully melodic, and all the while these hard-hitting and compelling scenes and thoughts fill the room around you. From softness to weight, calm to chaos, The Remus Tucker Band utilizes every element involved to craft something artistically relevant to the song’s underlying concept. “Come On” is a song that takes full advantage of contrast and builds up through its various sections in a manner that feels perfectly united to the sentiments in the writing. We love what The Remus Tucker Band brings to the table with “Come On” and we can’t wait to hear what’s next!

Listen to “Come On” here and read more with The Remus Tucker Band in our exclusive interview below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic! How did The Remus Tucker Band originally come to fruition?

I've played in bands most of my life and it was always at the whim of others. I've been so close to "making it" only to have one person ruin it. So, I decided that it was time for me to do my own thing. I had a vision of an outlaw Southern Rock band and melded my own love of old timey country and great driving Southern themes. I sought out great musicians here in Colorado and put together a group that became what you hear this day.

“Come On” is a great track! How would you introduce the sound, style, and intention of this release?

Come on is straight forward rock with a taste of the old Southern Pride thrown in. It is about being on the road and living the life of a musician. The fun part, that is. My intention was to blast our great driving guitar and keep people on the edge of their seat from beginning to end. It think we have accomplished that.

How do you decide what to write about and in which direction to take things as a group?

I've been in this business a very long time and had some great times, and some bad times. I've loved, lost, loved again, and lost again. This is the feel that drives my current writing. I love the life, but it is hard and so my current singles, Lonely Mile and Come On, reflect that. The rest of upcoming recordings will also work around this theme.

What are your thoughts on the contemporary rock music of 2019 so far? 

I feel, and this is only my opinion, that contemporary rock is lacking the soul and body of it's former days of greatness. When bands like Zeppelin, Queen, The Who, and so many others it would take a book to list, were out there forging the way for everyone else in the music business. I'd like to see people get back to actually singing and playing, without pitch correction. Actually get out there and do the work. Now, this is not to say there aren't some incredible artists out there, certainly there are, but much of it is still just cookie cutter. Come on folks! Let's make a statement again.

What are your main hopes as a band going forward?

My main hopes is to have songs in everyone's head and on everyone's radio. Do I want to be a star? Eh.. That's not as important as being heard and someone buying a beer or two for me out of appreciation.  I'd like to sign with a good label and have the leverage to put my work out there to the hopeful enjoyment of the masses.

Connect with Remus Tucker Band:

Website: www.remustucker.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/RemusTuckerBand/

Instagram:  www.instagram.com/remustucker

Twitter: www.twitter.com/remustucker