The Royds Released Their Enticing New Album, “You Look Nice Today, Carol”

Electrifying, magnetic, and enthralling! The Royds are here with their smashing new album titled “You Look Nice Today, Carol”. This exciting new album begins with, “What’s Become Of You”. “What’s Become Of You” has enigmatic guitar chords, a percussion-soaked drum arrangement, accompanied by raw rock and roll vocal delivery! The lyrics are edgy but whimsical. “What’s Become Of You” opens the door into this addictive album.  Next, “Late Night Radio” transitions in with an arrangement that is different from “What’s Become Of You”. “Late Night Radio” has a delightful vocal resonance with soft guitar melodies that are canorous and acoustic. “Late Night Radio” has catchy lyrics sung in an enduring and memorable tune.

Whatever Happened To Kyle” is an intoxicating and thrilling single with a strong showcase of instruments to create this progressive rock ‘n roll breakthrough into the album. Our personal favorite addition to this album, “Where Did We Go Wrong”, had a mind-boggling shift from the soft introduction to the hard-hitting, rapid moving, and elated arrangement. “Where Did We Go” has a gorgeous hook that is beautifully delivered. The melody is captivating, mixed with haunting energy that is indelible. The next song on this album is “Pleasure Is Pain”. This song has a well-planned fusion of country-rock and blues with a western aesthetic. “Pleasure Is Pain” is the perfect song to listen to at a party. This song promotes celebration, friendship, drinks, and good vibes.

Lie To My Face” showcases a vulnerable side of The Royds artistry. The lyrics are emotional; they originate from raw passion. The Royds’ skillful use of various instruments creates a rock ‘n roll vibe that we admire. However, it is the alluring melody in “Lie To My Face” that clinches the album’s reputation of soaring melodies and explosive instrumentation.

The album concludes with the song, “Your Favorite Song”. “Your Favorite Song” begins with acoustic instrumentation, as opposed to the electric instruments, which gives this song a unique sound that differs considerably to the previous song. However, if listeners miss striking guitar chords and smashing drum rhythms, The Royds still gives listeners a transition in dynamics and genres into one song. The Royds are releasing a rock on the album that will spellbind listeners with melodies, but excite them with energetic instrumentation!

Listen to “You Look Nice Today, Carol” by The Royds here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic! What's the story behind The Royds?

We've played music together since high school. We were writing and rehearsing a lot but didn't book a show for, what was probably a year. When we finally booked our first show we realized we didn't have a name. One of us just threw “The Royds” out there, and it stuck. Oddly enough, the name not only fits our music but for us as people. Since that first show, we’ve consistently been writing and performing. We released our debut album Royd Rage in 2014, and the follow up You Look Nice Today, Carol last year.

Can you tell us about your overall style as a band? What are some bands who have influenced you?

Too many to count. We have a wide range of influences because we’re two different people with different music tastes. Obviously, we have some shared interests - everyone loves The Beatles. Andy is influenced by artists like System of a Down, Pink Floyd, and Iron Maiden. Robb draws influence from artists like The Who, Steely Dan, and Weezer. Our personalities often come through in the songs, we also influence each other.

“You Look Nice Today, Carol” was an amazing release packed with captivating songs! Can you describe to us the theme behind this album and how you made your vision come to life?

After Royd Rage we took some time to write not only new songs but also rework some of our older stuff (some of the songs on Carol were written while we recorded Royd Rage). In the time between albums, we grew as both musicians and songwriters. When we were finished we felt that the songs had more of a mature vibe compared to Royd Rage. Stories are told in songs like "Late Night Radio", "Your Favorite Song", and "Where Did We Go Wrong?" We had a lot of those songs for a while, but we were afraid to put them out because they were so personal. The songs on You Look Nice Today, Carol was really about perfecting our sound and evolving while sticking true to Royd Rage. We wanted it to sound like the next logical step. We worked with the amazing Nick Zinnanti at Zin Records, the album also features the incredibly talented Sergio Hernandez on drums.

“Lie To My Face” seemed to have showcased a lot of vulnerability in your vocalist! Can you describe to us the songwriting approach towards this and in what ways were you able to personally relate?

"Lie to my Face" about a former employer of Andy’s. She was not easy to work for. It was written out of frustration. Most people can relate to having a bad boss at work.

What can we expect to see next from The Royds?

We're going back into the studio this year to begin work on our third album. We have no release date yet. We are working on a lot of new material, like brand new, which is different for us. For the first two albums, we’ve had a well of songs we had written to go to. Usually, we’ve had a song written for a year or two before we record it. The beauty of being an independent artist is there are no set timetables and no deadlines for us to get music released. It allows us the time to experiment and really get to know the music before releasing it. It's great quality control. We're not gonna release music unless we're happy with the final product. We’re excited to make this new album and hope people enjoy it.