The Space Rock Attack Of No Glitter

Sitting down to take a listen through the 'House Music' EP release from No Glitter is somewhat like sitting down for a 5-course meal. Each new course brings on new flavors and textures. "Reward" is the initial track to kick things off and it does a good job of making you feel like you're on a space cruise while a multitude of synthesized sounds floats around this rock opus of sorts. "P.O.E." (Peak Of Existence) follows and quickly brings a much more alternative rock feel to the table. Catchy guitar hooks and a funk-driven rhythm and style. "How Old Are You Now" hits next and really gives things a classic rock mixed with old Beck kind of vibe. The EP goes on to surprise with some more genres that bend together somehow quite well to create 'House Music' as a whole. A far-out rock journey that will not let down. Check out 'House Music' right HERE