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The Star Prairie Project Honors The Roots Of Music In “Music Is Gnosis”

The Star Prairie Project blesses listeners with a dynamic new groove. They team up with Marcello Vieira and Sandrine Orsini for a powerful new single titled "Music Is Gnosis."

Every time we come across The Star Prairie Project, there's something new. Having recently broken 72K monthly Spotify listeners with a stellar lineup of releases like the 2023 album New Day at Dawn, not to mention previous 2024 singles like "My Kundalini" and California Smile," it's clear that Nolen R. Chew Jr.'s brainchild isn't showing signs of slowing down.

Known for collaborating with artists far and wide, from Los Angeles to London, The Star Prairie Project brings us just that in the refreshing new single, "Music Is Gnosis." Calling in talented artists Marcello Vieira and Sandrine Orsini to hop on the new single, The Star Prairie Project is showing listeners just how powerful music can be.

"Music Is Gnosis" beautifully opens with a feel-good alternative-rock intro that sets the stage for a message of hope and inspiration. As Nolen makes his warm vocal appearance, he shines a light on the concept that music is all about sounds, vibrations, math, and "sacred geometry." And just like that, we blast off into a full-throttle rock hook that sparks the speakers with flames of energy.

The Star Prairie Project has a knack for maximum impact. The refreshing verse brings a sense of hope and wonder, while the powerhouse hook rocks our world with insane energy and grit. The song itself feels like a journey through the existence of music, honoring the blending of sounds and math to create invaluable pieces that stand the test of time.

What better way to honor the roots of music than with a song that does exactly that? Experience it yourself and hit play on The Star Prairie Project's new single, "Music is Gnosis," now available on all digital streaming platforms.


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