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The Suburbs Can’t Stop Their Racing Thoughts On New Release, “Buckle My Head”

What will it take to cut loose?

Hailing from the land of 10’000 lakes, The Suburbs and their frontman, Chan Poling, hold a special place among Minnesota’s rock legends.

By all accounts, passionate musicians whose vast talent is only matched by their inspired artistic vision, Poling and the Suburbs were identified as one of the “100 Most Influential Minnesota Musical Entities of the Twentieth Century.”

In a state known for artistic excellence and legends like Prince and Bob Dylan, they’ve consistently pushed the bar, and it’s fair to say that these veterans of the scene still have a lot of great music in them.

Constantly exploring new sounds and melodies, The Suburbs have long demonstrated that the truly special need not be restricted by genre. They’ve dabbled in rock, pop, R&B, and even off-the-wall experimental music; no genre is truly off-limits for these musical savants.

Following the success of their seventh studio album, Poets Party, it’s fair to say that these respected veterans have had nothing short of a legendary run. Having been founded in 1977, Poling and The Suburbs have earned their elderly statesmen status, but make no mistake; there’s no complacency here.

The Suburbs’ latest single, “Buckle My Head,” is a microcosm and encapsulation of everything that makes The Suburbs iconic. This track is a masterclass in fusion, combining funky rhythms, tuneful melodies, and sleek yet approachable arrangements.

Upbeat and energetic, lyrics like “C’mon now buckle my head / I’m thinking about the things I said / I’m upstairs now making my bed / I’m going crazy” are delivered with an almost manic energy that’s incredibly easy to get hyped or wrapped up in.

Reminiscent of The Suburbs classics like “Love Is the Law” and “Credit In Heaven,” “Buckle My Head” brims with blasts of horns and witty, trenchant lyrics, showcasing Poling’s knack for creating music that’s both danceable and thought-provoking.

Welcome to Buzz, The Suburbs! We're head over heels for the funky vibes of your new single, "Buckle My Head." What inspired this energetic track?

I had this riff in my head, and it reminded me of the groovy blues rock of my youth. We updated it a bit and just cut it loose.

How does "Buckle My Head" fit your band's musical journey? Does it represent a new direction or era for you?

We've been on many journeys, and thank God the road just keeps unspooling!

Can you tell us about the process of creating the lyric video for "Buckle My Head?" Who helped you bring that vision to life?

Our friend, the great designer and illustrator Tristram Drew, who has made the album art for our last few records, made it for us. It is a hybrid "lyric video" and animation based on the art and design of our last album, POETS PARTY, released in 2021 (voted top 10 albums of '21 by the Mpls Star Tribune).

Your music often blends different genres. What sort of sound or style did you want to infuse into "Buckle My Head?"

The British blues-rock of the '70s, the New Wave groove of the '80s, the free-wheeling poetry of the Surrealists, and the sonic guitar palette of tomorrow!

What do you hope listeners feel after hearing "Buckle My Head"? Any particular feelings or thoughts you want to spark?



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