“The Treasureman’s Blues” From Moti Dror Will Be a New Addition to Your Playlist

After being introduced to the piano at 8 years old, Russian born Moti Dror wasn’t satisfied until the age of 13 when he had a guitar in his hands and was able to play those strings. Currently living in Netanya City, Israel, Moti must have gotten his talents from his mother who was a music teacher along with a musician on several projects. Influenced at a young age by various genres like Grunge, Rock, Punk Metal, R&B, and Blues, some of his biggest musical admirers were: Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Bryan Adams, and John Lee Hooker. At the age of 20, he began experimenting with different styles while recording some underground albums which never got released. Earlier in 2019, Moti released his first EP “Something Different From Netanya, IL (Israel)” after being introduced back into the blues.

With the up and coming album which is set to be released this February, Moti Dror released his first single “The Treasureman’s Blues” which happens to be the first track of the album. This song is filled with a soulful southern vibe that makes you feel like your sitting on the back porch jamming out with your best friends. These insane vocals create a fantastic atmosphere and overall incredible performance. Moti Dror creates the perfect melody and highlights his acoustic talent. The catchy vocals along with a good flow make it a banger of a song. Continuing to impress us, we are excited to see the future of Moti and how his career grows. A must-have to your special playlist. 

Listen to “The Treasureman’s Blues” here.

Hey Moti Dror, it's great to have you here on BuzzMusic. Can you tell us how you’ve transitioned over the years into the music artist you are today?

“Hello! Thank you for having me, it is a great honor! First of all, I was raised in a family where music was the main thing there. My late mother was a music teacher, a genius musician, and a conductor so the first inspiration to music came from her actually. I perform and sing for over 10 years. I actually started from the Blues and Rock Blues and somehow I tried to make some Rock, Metal and even Grunge music. I had several bands and none of them were successful so I had some days of depression and sadness until I got a surprise call by the Israeli Blues singer Noya Sol and I started working with her on a couple of songs and that’s how I got introduced back to the Blues

In your song “The Treasureman’s Blues", what do you mean when you refer to yourself as a “Treasureman?”

I wrote some new songs to my upcoming album and on one of my rehearsals with Noya, She asked me to sing to her one of the new songs I wrote. The guitar riff was exactly the same as “The Treasureman” and she really loved it. The morning after I got a message from her saying that she really wants to have that song I sang to her and she wants to record it with me and when she told me: “Moti, you do have a lot of great Bluesy treasures (songs and tunes), that’s when I came up with “The Treasureman’s Blues”. The bluesy riff stayed the same but the same song I sang to her had turned into “The Treasureman’s Blues”

Where do you get your inspiration when it comes to writing your lyrics and how do you get in the zone to write?

Eric Clapton in the first place for sure! I remember when I was 5 years old watching his Unplugged concert and that’s the first thing that introduced me to the Blues. My other inspirations are John Lee Hooker, Robert Johnson, Son House, and Josh White. There are also some rock inspirations like Bryan Adams, Chris Cornell, Bruce Springsteen and, Dylan of course, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jeff Healey. There are also some Israeli musicians like Shalom Hanoch which I love very much, Dani Litany and David Broza which inspire me as well and of course... Noya Sol! As for writing songs, Sometimes I’m coming up with the music and only then I write the lyrics, sometimes it happens on the contrary and sometimes I’m coming up with ideas while sleeping or working and all I do is just record myself singing and improvising and then I’m trying to make a song from those improvisations.

Do you plan on blending/collaborating with any new genres in the future?

Here’s the thing: When you open yourself to the Blues, you become an open-minded musician, some people would agree with me and some would disagree. I said it because that’s exactly what happened to me when I got back to the Blues. My latest EP, “Something different from Netanya, IL (Israel)” was a pure acoustic Blues piece but on my upcoming album I’ll probably have some acoustic Funky songs, Acid-Jazz Blues songs and acoustic soul ballads alongside with my traditional acoustic Blues so probably I am blending and collaborating at the same time which I think it’s very cool but I try not to stay away from the fact that I’m an open-minded musician yet still loyal to the Blues.

Thanks for talking with us Moti Dror! What do you have planned for 2020?

I’m turning 30 this January and as I mentioned before, I’m planning to release a full-length album on February and I’m planning to have a tour and to reach to people all around the world with my music and I hope I’ll have the honor to play with big musicians here in Israel and around the world and to keep on preaching the blues worldwide! Thank you so much for having me! Hope to see you on tour! Peace and love!