The Twist on Pop From Buddy Won't Tell

Buddy Won't Tell is a one-man band that just released a new 4-track EP that runs through several variations of completely addicting pop music. Within the walls of this record lays deep-rooted neo-folk like it's the first song titled "Thank You". A song that bares plenty of personal emotion as any folk song should. Just when you thought you knew what you were getting into, the following track makes you think twice. "My Small Love" begins as more of a pop-rock track with electric guitars and a stomping kick drum. Suddenly exploding into a heavier indie-pop sound and an aggressive musical tone taking on a multi-genre creative standpoint, the song is strange and impressive. The next track ", But" keeps to the heavier sound but strings together an alternative rock style with pop and does it well. Finally, "I Will Lay Me Down" gives you an intense ballad performed on piano and spilling over with passion. A sweet taste to leave off the EP with, the song feels like something you may have heard before, in a very good way. An eclectic set of songs, But God I Love The Game by Buddy Won't Tell is surely something you'll want to play again once it's ended. You can do that right here.