The Winachi Tribe Brings a Funky Sound With Recent Releases Like "Transition"

The Winachi Tribe is an Electro-Funk group from the North West U.K. In a short period of time they have been able to capture audiences all over the world. Having toured throughout the U.K, Europe, California, and garnering major media attention along the way, The Winachi Tribe has truly transfixed listeners and fans alike. Not only is their music filled with funky and groovy sounds, but they already have an impressive list of collaborations under their belt. Tommy Flanagan, Danny Saber, Howie B, and Keith Allen are just a few of the high-profile artists The Winachi Tribe have worked with.


Following previous songs ‘Transition’ and ‘A Room With A Zoo’, 2019 saw the release of ‘Parasites Paradise feat. I Kong’, and remixes of Gary Allen’s ‘Supernatural’ and San Pedro Collective’s ‘The Things You See’. These releases combine the best of The Winachi Tribe’s funky, electro sound while making the listener feel the rhythm and groove to the beat. Their music is both dance and jazzy creating an eclectic vibe that will continue to take the world by storm. The Things You See is an especially beautiful remix showcasing the talent and energy The Winachi Tribe create in every piece of music they put out.

Check out The Winachi Tribe’s music here!


Welcome to BuzzMusic! You have an impressive list of collaborators you have worked with thus far, how have those experiences been?

Thanks for having us back!! We've always had a collaborative approach to our music and think of ourselves more of a collective than just a traditional 'band'. There's the band side to Winachi as in touring, performing live, etc but there's also the studio side to Winachi which sees us doing a lot of remixes and collaborations with other artists...hence the 'Tribe' element. We've always loved and thrived off working with other artists, particularly vocalists who've featured on Winachi tracks as they bring their own flavour to the song, it keeps it fresh and exciting. 

Did you work specifically with Gary Allen and San Pedro Collective on their respective remixes? Or was it a completely independent project?

They came about through mutual respect as fellow artists and friends. Gary Allen is like family to Winachi, he's our big brother, every time we're in L.A Gary looks out for us, someone we're lucky enough to call our true friend. He's such an amazing artist in every sense of the word. Gary's worked with everyone from the 'Red Hot Chilli Peppers' to 'Chaka Khan' so it was a real honour to work with him on the remix of his single 'Supernatural', we have another collaboration in the works with Mr. Allen which will be surfacing in 2020. The San Pedro remix came about through a collaboration between Antony from Winachi and Rikki from San Pedro. We've known Rikki for a number of years and is someone we have a lot of respect for, he always has a fearless, unique approach to all his musical projects and that's rare in these times we live in. We've got nothing but love and respect for 'San Pedro Collective'...we're excited to see where they take it in 2020!!!

What was the musical process of making Parasites Paradise like and how was working with I Kong?

This collaboration was set up by Tony Zhu who runs our Chinese record label 'Handshake Records' in Beijing. He was in contact with 'I Kong's' people and put the wheels in motion. We already had the music down and the chorus, so we sent over the track for I Kong to write and record the verse parts, it was that easy. I Kong's vocals came back and blew us away!!! that's the beauty of collaboration, working with such a talented artist as I Kong you get their slant and flavour on your track. What a true honour to work with such a legendary artist, we do feel truly blessed at times to do what we do. If you don't know who I Kong is then please do your homework, he is genuine Jamaican reggae royalty. Watch this space for further collaborations with I Kong!!!

Who would be your dream artist to collaborate with? There's a few, me personally (Liam) I'd love to work with the king of collaborators 'Tricky', he's been a huge influence on my approach to music and collaborating with other artists. I'd also love to work with George Clinton and Sly Stone...George, Sly...if you read this give us a bell!!! I can't speak on behalf of the other lads in the band but I'm sure their answer would be completely different to mine!! 

What was your personal favourite release of 2019?

'Parasites Paradise' an I said it was a huge honour and privilege to work with 'I Kong', and completely unexpected, it came out of the blue so it that sense it was also a beautiful surprise. 

What’s next for you in 2020?

2020 will see us touring // playing festivals in the U.K & Europe. We also have the huge privilege of headlining the '2020 ISSA Awards' in Atlanta, Georgia on the 1st August. We have more collaborations that are set to be released next year, both in the U.K and internationally. We've got our album in the works with producer John X and a massive collaboration with iconic Italian fashion brand 'Pantofola d'Oro', it's a really exciting, unique project that we're excited to present it to the world...we think of Kim and the Pantofola company as our Italian family!!! This year has been mostly gluing together everything that was put in place in 2018, we're looking forward to 2020 and taking Winachi once again around the world. I'd just like to finish with a massive thank you to all our Tribe worldwide for the ongoing support, love, and patience!!! Haha, see you all next year...Liam // TheWinachiTribe.