The Youthful And Somewhat Dark Indie Pop Of Bream

Bream is a solo project from songwriter and producer Justin Beamer. It's not hard to tell the artist took a lot of emotion from his life and used his music as an outlet. maybe just be sure it doesn't overflow. Something we can all relate to. Although, not all of us can write songs or even full EPs about it all. But Bream seems to be exactly that. Listening to the newly released Oh Well EP is almost like digging deep inside yourself. The songs are spun together with grace and honesty all while remaining incredibly pop-oriented. A full and catchy set of tracks that feel good to listen to. An outstanding array of vocal and synth hooks that really stay with you, the record is unique in the way that you can put songs like "We Can Be Careless" on at a party while songs like "Inhaler" are better listened to alone. To have a release comprised of both ends of that scale is impressive, to say the least. 

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