The Youthful Pop Rock of Nico Maddox

Nico Maddox recently released and 4 track EP titled Tired of Thinking and the record packs the punch of youthful honesty and energy. Kicking things off is "Erratic Feelings", a track that attacks you with incredibly catchy hook after hook. The song never lets up and portrays a great style of indie rock songwriting. Next up is "Heart" which feels so familiar yet somehow fresh. This song is one of the best on the EP as just when you think it can't get catchier, the chorus rolls around and it's completely addicting. The song that follows is called "Help" and it takes things into a different direction altogether. Digitized beats and a little on the gloomier side, it's more indie-pop than rock but still stays true to the roots of the sound on the record. But the record keeps morphing with the final track "I'll Take The Blame" which is a straight pop song all around. One of the strongest in the way of radio pop it pushes something of a Gorillaz feel but unique in its own right. Tired of Thinking is a definite must hear and that can be done right here