THEDEADWOODS Make Their Extraordinary Debut With “Harder To Love”

American LowFi/Garage Rock duo THEDEADWOODS hailing in Chicago brings emotive lyricism, powerful riffs and high energy performances to the modern music scene. No stranger to success, THEDEADWOODS toured many miles and performed over 180 shows. After a complicated and drug fueled split in 2016, THEDEADWOODS have revamped, recuperated, and relaunched their authentic sound.

THEDEADWOODS debut hit “Harder To Love” with have you head-banging and screaming your heart out alongside the absolute powerhouse vocals. Heavy from the start and catchy throughout, “Harder To Love” boasts an ironic confidence. The lyric “ didn’t matter before, but now I’m not sure, I’m getting Harder To Love” exudes an uncertainty but is presented with so much resilience and power it’s hard to believe “Harder To Love” is about heartbreak. An underdog anthem, “Harder To Love” has all the elements of a timeless rock ballad. THEDEADWOODS connect with their listeners by empathizing on day to day struggles. They see the light at the end of the tunnel and put an upbeat twist on a melancholic topic. Stay on the lookout for THEDEADWOODS, this is only their debut, there’s a lot more where that came from!

Check out “Harder To Love” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Can you guys start by introducing yourselves? Are you the original members of THEDEADWOODS?

We are THEDEADWOODS from Chicago IL. The band has been together for quite some time, and has a history of many different members over the course of 8 years. Austin Getz and Mark Wendell are original members and currently the bands final lineup, using other close friends and familiar musicians as fill in members for certain shows to add to the experience.

How did you come up with your stage name?

We had a barbecue/bonfire back in Chicago in 2010 with our ex-bassist Sean, and somehow ended up with all of us deciding to take acid. Mark and Sean started chopping wood with this super wild looking axe in Marks backyard, and couldn’t help but stare off into the texture of the wood. Sean looked at Mark and said “woah man, that is some dead wood man”. And immediately felt attached to that moment, hence calling ourselves, THEDEADWOODS. 

What’s “Harder To Love” about? What inspired it?

 “Harder To Love” was a song that started after Mark Wendell and Austin Getz decided it was the right time to start working on new material, and start performing again. We teamed up with producers Abel Garibaldi and close friend Max Steger to start making something that felt new and different, and the track took off on its own. I would say that it’s about when you’re feeling down on yourself, or letting down the one that you love, and discovering to put yourself first. 

What’s your stage presence like? (for someone who has never seen you live before)

We have been known for some wild shows back in the day. It’s was almost difficult to get shows in certain areas around the country, because they would follow our content and think that we were “bad news.” We are an incredibly passionate band, and put everything we have into every performance. We love entertaining and making sure that everyone is having a night to remember. We can’t wait to get back out and make more unforgettable moments. 

What’s next for THEDEADWOODS?

We have been working with our team on making a lot of new music, but also not rushing the creative process. We will be spending a lot of time performing around the Midwest during the making of our new album, and possibly making our way out to the West Cost around October. Our goal is to not only make great music that people can relate to, but also be great performers and put on unforgettable shows. We want the crowd to have as much fun as we do on stage every night. 

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