Theory Creates Chemistry With His Album “Bed Full Of Roses Or A Pool Of Blood”

Theory released his latest album titled “Bed Full Of Roses Or A Pool Of Blood”, a poetic and enigmatic project compiled with 7 tracks of deep and heartfelt stories of love, rejection, and acceptance. “Bed Full Of Roses Or A Pool Of Blood” begins with an introduction “What Is Love?”. “What Is Love?” was a nice short interlude that gives the definition of preassumption of what love means. This immediately gave away the concept of the album and it served as a great opener to the project. After “What Is Love”, “No Love” transitions in and this song had an unforgettable vibe that was limitless and textured. The production of “No Love” had an atmospheric aesthetic fused with a smooth-sailing R&B vibe, accompanied by Theory’s poignant delivery.

Theory's artistry in “No Love” reminds me of the vibe artists who blend together both singing & rap and discusses relatable topics of love. Artists like 6lack, Bryson Tiller, The Weeknd, etc. However, Theory still manages to have his own style and creative vision for his music which made “No Love” a lot more eclectic. The next song that transitioned in was “Who Is He”. “Who Is He” kept this intoxicating atmospheric vibe that was showcased in “No Love”. The lyrics in “Who Is He” was detailed and created a story with imagery. “I ain't playing girl, who is he?” this line instantly gave us the idea that this song is about a girl who Theory may have strong feelings for, but unfortunately she’s entertaining another man. This is actually a common theme that many people can connect with. The idea of rejection and jealousy was cleverly-written and nicely delivered in “Who Is He”.

The next song “Social Status” was one of our personal favorites on this album! “Social Status” vocal resonance was sonically beautiful with a soaring melody that made the vibe in this track feel just right. Everything in “Social Status” was top-flight with a deep lyrical presence. Theory has a way of dynamically writing these tracks on this album to enhance a thought-provoking experience for you as a listener. “Social Status” was a wavy vibe that allows you to escape your daily realities and enter an ethereal realm with heart-rending lyricism.

The next song “Friends” showcases Theory’s ability to deliver an exhilarating hype song! Although Theory sticks to his regular theme of romance, he adds a different approach to the production of the song, creating a more club-like appeal to “Friends”. The song that stood out to us the most was “Anxiety”. “Anxiety” was A huge emotionally convicting song that was filled with an exceptional display of passionate lyrics and delivery. This is a song that we feel will grasp the attention of many due to how not only relatable it is but how magnetic the melody, instrumentation, and arrangement was. The closing song “Love Me” had the same vibe in the lyrical content as the songs prior, but the tune was more delightful.

This album was packed with passion, fire, and chemistry that you just can’t find in most songs! Theory’s gift of rhyme and realism has naturally evolved in his music which has made “Bed Full Of Roses Or A Pool Full Of Blood” feels more authentic and raw. Theory seeks to create a personal connection between his listeners and his music that they won’t ever forget.

You can listen to “Bed Full Of Roses Or A Pool Full Of Blood” by Theory here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Theory! Congratulations on your 5th album! In what ways does this album differentiate from your past 4 projects for you and why?

Thank you! It’s an honor to be recognized on your platform! Yes, my 5th album, what a ride it’s been! I feel this project, amongst the others, is the most vulnerable I’ve ever placed myself to be. In the past, I’ve only been sporadic about it, but this time I’ve let it all out to express my feelings across the board.

Let’s talk about this album “Bed Full Of Roses Or A Pool Full Of Blood”! What inspired the name for this and why?

In my 3rd album “The Poughkeepsie Tape” I recorded a song named “Craziest Flight”. The last lines in the song said, “is that a bed full of roses or a pool of blood, and you’re a fool if you focus on the rules of love”. Hence, you hear it in the intro track on my latest project. That became my montage throughout time to dive deeper into it. Sometimes we accept the troubles of a relationship as the norm. As the cover reflects a Rorschach test, you ask yourself does this depict love or pain, and what do we find ourselves lying in, a bed full of Roses or a pool of blood.

Which song on “Bed Full Of Roses Or A Pool Full Of Blood” was most challenging for you to write and why?

Hands down “Anxiety”. I’ve never shared with the following that I was challenged with anxiety issues. Not to mention, triggered by feeling alone and rejected. I knew this was something that would resonate with many who deal with the exact battle. Even now I step back and breathe when it plays because it speaks volumes to my core of coping.

Can you detail us the production of “Bed Full Of Roses Or A Pool Full Of Blood”?

I worked with many producers on this project for variety. Starting off with “No Love” (Produced by Tower Beatz) This sets the tone with dark questioning and reasoning. Then, “Who is He?” (Produced by Syndrome) follows the narrative with like feels and emotion. “Social Status” (Produced by 16 yr old Phantom.Ode) crashes in with a sultry sound and synth. Picking up the pace comes “Friends” (Produced by Luxray) that holds a “Travis Scott” type of vibe and radio/club esque appeal. “Anxiety” (Produced by Netah) slows the tone and revisits that dark setting as a reminder. Lastly, “Love Me” (Produced by Italy’s own Simone Ermacora) delivers a refreshing sound that assures you it’s the final chapter of the novel.

What’s next for you Theory?

I’m continuing to write and produce for other talents in the US and across seas. I’ve also connected with Dj Sara in Japan for a collaborative project. In Los Angeles, I’m writing a piece for a movie with producer Noah Lifschey, and mapping out my next album with Grammy Award-winning producer, Benny Steele. I also look forward to progressing music programs for children in communities where they can learn and create. As long as I’m in a creative mode, I’m content!