Theycallmereggie Releases Genre-Fusion of Christian Rap in “ERROR_404”

Theycallmereggie released his enigmatic hit titled “ERROR_404” off his album “Proceed With Caution” and this indulgent song had us feeling hyped but also in-tuned with the lyrics. “ERROR_404” had an introspective vibe with the songwriting. The lyrics were highly relatable but catchy as well, creating a nice whimsical wittiness to the style. The production of “ERROR_404” was layered with various elements and dimensions. Not only did it had melodic components that created nice lush energy for the song, the drums and bass made the single pop as a banger.

Theycallmereggie delivery was insane! You can tell he’s a naturally skilled rapper by the way he was able to execute his flow with full breath control, strategic transitions, and show off his seasoned artistry. Theycallmereggie artistry is presented in “ERROR_404”, you were able to get a good grip on his creative visions through the way he constructed “ERROR_404”. I mean, just take a look at the song title itself? It’s an attention grabber due to how different it is. Individuality is the perfect word we can use to describe Theycallmereggie and “ERROR_404”. It was a top-flight visionary single that will generate great buzz from the hip-hop community. There’s definitely a place for Theycallmereggie in the marketplace. He doesn’t sound like the generic sound you hear, however, with a fresh sound he’s still trendy! What’s also highly unique about Theycallmereggie is his ability to blend both Christian Gospel With Hip-Hop in a style he defines as “Christian Rap”. This is a neat way to display dimensional characteristics and it’s showcased through the lyricism in “ERROR_404”.

Listen to “ERROR_404” by Theycallmereggie here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Reggie, thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Tell us, how did you get your start in music?

No problem! Thanks for having me. To be honest with you, I can't really say that I had a "start" to music, but what I will say is that the idea of making music came to mind at a very curious state in my life. At the time, I started to have a lot of questions about life and the struggles or circumstances we at times face, I had questions about God, questions about how he works amidst all of it, but I could never find a way to translate that into conversations to where I felt it would be received wholeheartedly and that's when I started to write and record music.

What is your creative process like? How do you find your inspiration when creating new music?

So, I'm kind of a busybody lol. When it comes to creating I'll sometimes sit and sift through 20-30 beats until something clicks and inspires me to write. A lot of times I'll have topics that I want to address but for whatever reason, I never know (at times) how I want to attack that topic. Idk how it is for other creatives, but music tends to emote something in me. Whether it be joy, sadness, pain, anger (almost never), etc., I feel inspired to speak on something.

We really enjoyed your single “ERROR-404”. What is the meaning behind it?

Oh, thanks! That's one of my favorites right now. Anyone who uses the web has at one point or time come across a page that doesn't exist. You may have typed the wrong website OR the right one, but you find yourself with a web error 404 "page not found" screen. Whether you're a musician, painter, actor/actress, writer, athlete, etc., you deal with a lot of comparisons. However, if you make it a goal for yourself to compete with yourself for the betterment of yourself, comparisons do not exist, competition does not exist, needing approval does not exist; the person your peers or society is trying to match you up against cannot be found because you are your only match and rival. 

What would you like your new fans to know about you and your music?

If they've come this far, I think they should know that I am a Christian. I feel the need to share this first and foremost because I think in today's society, Christians have a bad reputation and the constructs made upon Christianity are a bit slighted. Having said that, I want to change that perspective. I'm only one being, but when people can relate to what's being said in your music, I think barriers start to break down. I talk about real life, the ups and downs we can face (even the ones we face more than others at times), but also the convictions and truths I hold to and live by. 

Thank you for talking with us Reggie! What are you looking forward to the most out of this year and what can we expect to hear from you?

It's been a pleasure. If anything, I'm just looking forward to creating it. I have a lot of music in store for 2020 and not only because it's a new year, new decade, but simply because I've been honing in on what exactly I wanted to do coming out of 2019. The preparation has been really cool. All the life lessons and trials I faced up until now has been worthwhile, and it birthed Error_404 and it birthed a lot of my recent work as well too. All that to say, you can look forward to the sequel to 'Proceed With Caution' as well as a few visuals from me this year. I hope you can hear growth as well as some maturity and that you would follow me in the process.


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