This Tender Combination What You'd Expect From the Florida Phenomenon, Josh Gluck, in "Like Fire"

The young Flordia native, Josh Gluck, has been invested in expanding his sound from a young age. With extensive experience through his education, and comprehensive study of some of his greatest inspirations like Anderson Paak, and John Mayor, he is anticipated to brandish his own trademark of soul and inject it into the alternative music scene. Written and produced by himself, "Like Fire", is a testament to this authentically branded sound.

The warm tonality of an analog era creeps through on Josh Gluck's "Like Fire", a sultry, fuzzed-out medium-burner that sounds like a cut from your favorite vinyl record. "Why break bones if you're only going to run through", the Florida native croons. Gluck's soprano is dedicated to enticing, inviting you to live in another's world for a few seconds through his lyrics. Snatches of clear and concise guitar hooks pierce the floating-like yet focused rhythm section. "Like Fire" embraces the same authentic glamour and laid back vibes of past great alternative songs coming out of the east coast. This tune is uplifting and full-hearted, bursting with emphatic vocal performances and reassurances, lathered in soulful warmth. It gently tucks you into a comfortable listening experience, bending and winding down an intrinsic tunnel decorated with well-defined, unsalted guitar solos and re-occurring motifs. Every box is colored perfectly, so to speak, lending this composition a great sense of space. It's hitting all the right notes in our heartstrings.

Listen to "Like Fire" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Josh! We're entirely invested in your sound--you have such a sweet and warming demeanor throughout your music. What did the creative process look like for "Like Fire"? Is there anything definitive about this composition that stands out to you?

Thanks so much for those kind words! Some songs I've written have taken weeks and sometimes months to come to a finish. "Like Fire" was different. It came to life really in a short burst of inspiration. The bulk of was written outside in my backyard. It was one of those writing sessions where you almost kind of blackout during and then you realize you have a song when you come to. That being said, it was a really therapeutic experience writing this song. I heard a quote a while back that goes something along the lines of, "The only thing permanent is change". That quote really sparked a lot for me and truly aligns with where we're all at during this coronavirus. Even something as difficult as this will pass. It's up to us to change with it. 

We know you are a self-taught, multi-instrumentalist musician and producer. Which instrument broke the ice for you, so to speak? How did you develop into other instruments from there on?

Guitar was my first instrument. It opened up a world for me that I never knew existed. It taught me how to speak in a new language. From there, learning other instruments was like learning how to speak in that language but with a different voice. 

Do you think you have grown as an artist and songwriter since you first started making music? What has been the most drastic change for you thus far?

I sure hope I've grown! haha. That's an interesting question because I think that this change that the world is going through right now is probably the most drastic change for me creatively. It's a headspace that is completely new to me. Emotions and feelings I haven't felt before. So my writing at the moment consists of things I never expected. Really weird how that happens. But I am wickedddddd excited to see what comes with me out of this situation. 

It was a delight having your music featured here on BuzzMusic! When do you plan on releasing some more new music? Do you have plans for an album release in the future?

Thanks so much for featuring the music! Right now my latest single, "Life Fire" is out on all platforms. I'm currently working on some really cool things that I'm excited about (which I'm sure most creatives are at the moment). For now, if you're reading this, connect with me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc, I'd love to chat!