Tiger Run’s New Single Shows Off Their Rowdy Side

From Nashville, Tennesse, Alternative Rock band Tiger Run was formed by Jeff and Dan, both full-time music lovers looking for a creative outlet. Both Tiger Run members have been experimenting with music since their high school days, and thought what better time to come together than the present?

Their latest single “We Got Tonight” shows Tiger Run’s wild side and thirst for a good time. This robust rock song features retro guitar, a good beat, and enthusiastic vocals. “We Got Tonight” is all about embracing the now and not letting life pass you by.

In the best way, the vocals embody being carefree and letting loose through music. They let the guitar lead the way with catchy riffs and a thrilling, tenacious melody. Whether you’re by yourself or dancing around with friends, feel-good rock songs just like “We Got Tonight” is an entertaining way to pump yourself up and spend quality time with some rejuvenating music.

The spirited lyrics and ensnaring chorus are enough to hook in the listener and make this song one you always come back to when you need a pick me up. Tiger Run wants to show people what they are made of, and “We Got Tonight” is the perfect track to do just that.

How did the idea for “We Got Tonight” come about? 

The idea for "we got tonight" came out of this desperation to start making memories again. COVID has affected everyone and most of us (myself included) have wasted a lot of time this year. Summer was almost over and we were thinking. Let's get out and have some fun! This song was birthed out of that. But is it not rock and roll if we say we were still responsible for our memory-making?

What is the first thing you do when you get a spark of inspiration for a song?

I grab my phone and make a voice memo. Then when I'm finally sitting with my guitar or computer, I go through my voice memos and see which one speaks to me and I just go from there.

If you were to ask any other musician to collaborate with you on “We Got Tonight”, who would you pick? Why do you think they would be a good fit for “We Got Tonight?"

Would it be weird to say Harry Styles? I love his voice and I think he would take this song to another atmosphere.

What is the dynamic like for Tiger Run? How do you work together to ensure your music captures both of your styles?

Dan will start with a very simple idea, maybe just a bass track and a rough midi drum track. Jeff is a production wizard as well as a great guitar player. He adds so much sauce to the pan. Then we flesh it out together. It's a really nice process. There is no ego in this band so we just kind of throw stuff to the wall and see what sticks. 

What’s next for Tiger Run? Do you have anything exciting planned for the near future?

Honestly, Tiger Run is always creating. We always have a few songs in the works. We'd love to play shows but that doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon so we are just in creative mode and looking for any new or fresh opportunities we can. If you know of some, send 'em our way!

What has been your biggest source of inspiration in 2020 when looking to create new music?

I think the whole vibe of Tiger Run is born out of an underdog sense of Punk Rock. So being grounded and being told we can't do anything this year has given us this inspiration to prove that we can still make things happen even when the industry is shut down