TJ Holiday Graces Our Ears With New Song, “Arrival” and We Are Happy About It!

Born in southwestern PA, TJ Holiday has been producing since the ripe age of only 13! Starting out with Hip Hop and Trap, TJ Holiday has been able to craft his own unique spin on the genres and offers something new for all listeners.

His new song “Arrival” starts out with some “Drake” Esq influenced synth pads, but then introduces trap beats suddenly, you can’t tell where the influence is coming from. Which, if you ask me, is a great thing! As the song continues, you’re introduced with EDM influenced synth & vocal elements, then you really are buckled up for a worthwhile ride. The song opens up around the 1:27 mark and you suddenly have a full understanding of the unique sounds all being fused into one. “Arrival” then explodes one last time and rings out with a very epic ending. Imagine if a firework show having a massive ending could turn into sonic sounds? This is what it would be. Wrapping up at exactly 3:33, you want more and you go for more! Good news, his album “Daydreamer” has songs and 48 minutes worth of sonic goodness. 

TJ’s mission is to help listeners escape reality through blissful electronic melodies and mind-numbing bass and drum-lines. You’ve gotta give it to this amazing artist from steel city who is flipping the EDM world upside down and doing something amazingly fresh. 

Listen to "Arrival" here.

Thanks for being with us today, TJ! Has growing up in the Pittsburgh area had any affect on you pursuing a career in music? 

Thank you for having me! Oh, for sure. The Pittsburgh area is filled with go-getters. Seeing others around me chase their dreams is inspiring on its own. In addition to that, the music scene is flourishing. Upcoming artists all around and of course the guys that have a staple in the industry like Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa. The city and the area are both extremely inspiring for the artist in any field. 

How is the EDM scene where you’re from and how is your sound received?

Believe it or not, the EDM or Electronic scene isn’t thriving as much as I wish it would be in the area. There are certainly some hard dubstep lovers around but not so much in the type of sound that I produce. It’s hard turning people on to something different and new. It takes time to gain some steam and attention to begin to grow. However, there are some fans in the area that love what I’m doing and are anxious for another release. I’m just as anxious as they are. 

Do you have any collabs in the works for new music? 

It’s funny you ask that. Not long ago, I spoke with the lead singer of All In Uniform, a punk rock band from around my way. We’ve agreed on a collaboration and we’re super pumped about it. We’re aiming for an Electro/Pop/Punk EP. I’ll certainly have more details over the next coming weeks but the project is for sure happening. 

Do you have any plans to perform out of state? Any places you hope that your music brings you to? 

No plans as of yet for any performances as of yet.  Although, I hope my music takes me everywhere. That’s a dream come true. Traveling and performing the music I love around the world to people who love it as much as I do, nothing would be better. However, on a smaller scale, a dive bar in LA would be cool lol.

Lastly, what do you want to leave your listeners with today?

Thank you. I seriously appreciate each person that ever listened to anything I produced. It means a million. For the people waiting for new music, it’s coming!