TJ Holiday Releases Composed Hip/Hop EP, 'Patches'

Hip/Hop Producer TJ Holiday has recently released his latest EP, titled 'Patches', and we're about to tell you why you should be excited for this Southwestern Pennsylvanian artist.

Artistically, TJ Holiday has always been inclined to play around with a multitude of sounds, until he realized that producing and mixing tracks was his ultimate calling. Ever since TJ Holiday has hustled to create the very music we hear from him today. With a natural ear for music, TJ Holiday shows listeners what he's able to construct using just the confines of his mind and needless to say, we're completely relaxed listening to his luscious soundscapes. 

'Patches' starts off with its first track, "Main Street", which initially encompasses an atmospheric vibe, which quickly transitions into a more in-depth and elusive sound. The melody of "Main Street" feels awfully like a track destined for a laidback and chill kind of ambiance. That's always the energy that TJ Holiday seems to give off. He creates a natural and easygoing environment for any listener. "Corner Store" is the second track on TJ Holiday's EP and the track has more of a mellow introduction compared to "Main Street", but definitely houses the same low-key, buzzing energy. We feel more eloquent listening to "Corner Store", and imagine more of a bright and illustrious mood, which stems primarily stems from the chosen synth integration. 

TJ Holiday switches things up a bit with "Street Lights", the third track his 6-track EP holds. "Street Lights" has more of a bustling sensation, where TJ Holiday incorporated more rejuvenating and energetic elements. We feel a lot more lively and robust listening along to the tempo of "Street Lights", and it was personally the peak of the EP for us. "Speakeasy" came next, and we really appreciated the type of sounds TJ Holiday added into this track.

"Speakeasy" felt somewhat retro and offered a classic hip/hop beat. We felt that "Speakeasy" was able to give us that natural confidence and flow needed for that mid-afternoon boost. Once "Alley of Addictions" came on, we felt that the entire mood of the EP shifted towards a more mystic and aggressive tone. TJ Holiday kept the environment of this track darker than the previous ones, and we found that he really blended in mysterious synths in order to keep up that cryptic climate. Now nearing the end of TJ Holiday's 6-track EP, listeners end off with the last track "Restoration".

We're brought back to a similar atmosphere presented in the first couple of tracks the EP saw. TJ Holiday creates that characterizable flow with the way he chose to mix the track, and we felt that "Restoration" offered a real sense of regeneration. All in all, 'Patches' was an intricate, yet methodical offering from TJ Holiday. His personality emulates quite easily through the properties each track has to offer, and he really did expose his listeners to a surplus of diverse soundings. We're impressed by his ability to manifest a variety of vivid realities for listeners, and 'Patches' only leaves us anticipating more music from the Southwestern Pennsylvania artist.

Stream the full EP here.

Welcome, TJ Holiday! The music world has recently seen the release of your 6-track EP, 'Patches'! Can you tell readers what kind of intentions you had going into this EP, and what kind of general ambiance you wanted to attain with each track?

Hello again! So nice to be chatting with you all once more. Thanks for having me. I’ve always had a love for lofi/Hip-hop tracks. This project is something I always wanted to do. The title of the EP, Patches, comes from the small coal patch town I grew up in. I wanted to paint a picture of that town and many other small urban communities with these tracks. As a kid, I’ve always imagined myself cruising the streets of my hometown listening to something similar to what I have created on this EP. Basically, something chilled and laid back, that you could drive the streets of your hometown too.  Let's talk about the creative process that went into the design of 'Patches'. How did you go into the construction of this particular EP, compared to other singles you created in the past?

I have a love for various styles of music. I really enjoy what electronic music brings to the table, as noticed in my past projects. However, with this, I’ve leaned more towards my love for hip-hop but sprinkled in some electronic vibes to it as well. When working on this project, I actually started with “Speakeasy”. It sat around for a while and I kept coming back to it. Then, I started building similar songs around that, to build an EP. I had some trouble coming up with a theme. There were a couple of tracks that reminded me of riding through my hometown. I shared my thoughts with my brother, Ryan. He helped finish the vision with his insight and suggestions.  The predominant sound within 'Patches' followed more of a hip/hop and electronic vibe. Would you say that you're more prone to focusing on those genre stylings, or would you ever consider working with certain genres you've never incorporated into your music before?

Great question. I believe the sound you will hear in Patches, will certainly be a staple with my productions going forward. This won’t be the last you’ll hear of this style coming from me. I feel at home on this EP. However, there are a few more genres I plan to dip into to bring into my production. I like the variety. It helps freshen things up when in a production slump. So, always expect something a little different from me than the last. 

Where would you say you're planning on taking the foundation of your sound next? Are you more inclined to stay with the current sound you've devised for TJ Holiday, or can listeners expect you to switch things up with your future music?

I’m aiming for a more upbeat theme for my next project. I have an itch to complete a project with more of a hype vibe to it. It ’s another item to check off my list that I want to construct. Although, I will always return back to this style of sound going forward.