Tokyo's Jon Kyoto and KNOWBODY Slay in New Single ‘Shine Tsukuyomi’

Not much is known about producer Jon Kyoto and rapper KNOWBODY, but that’s what makes this collaborative project that much more interesting. ‘Shine Tsukuyomi’ is the joint effort of these two artists, based in Tokyo. Kyoto and KNOWBODY create a range of hip-hop tracks that covers all styles within the genre, giving listeners a variety of songs resulting in something for everyone. With first-rate production and a unique sound, this duo is nothing short of exceptional.

The track "Shine Tsukuyomi" is like nothing we’ve ever heard before in the greatest way possible. It’s as though J-Pop meets rap with a mellow beat flowing throughout. The combination of different sounds gives the song a fresh approach to hip hop and the music in this genre. The listener is engaged throughout the entire track wondering what will be heard next. We are surprised at the last minute when the track takes a turn and sounds as though it is being played in slow motion. This changes the aesthetic of the song providing an interesting and exciting twist. We loved the sound Kyoto and KNOWBODY created with Shine Tsukuyomi and highly recommend checking out the rest of the album for a refreshing take on hip hop/rap music. Jon Kyoto and KNOWBODY are truly two names you need to look out for in 2020 as the mystery behind the duo leaves you craving for more. Listen to ‘Shine Tsukuyomi’ here.