Toronto Hip-Hop Star SOUTHSTYLEZ Drops a Sizzling and Sensual EP, 'J’Adore'

Like many famous artists today, SOUTHSTYLEZ is a rising underground rapper from Toronto, Canada. Aiming to follow in the footsteps of those who have blossomed before him, the 6ix rapper has just dropped his second EP 'J’adore,' which was produced by his collaborator A.W.O.L. He is best known for his musical versatility as he incorporates aspects of R&B and old-school Hip-Hop into his music, making each track different from the last.

With its romantic and uplifting wordplay, the lyrical energy of the EP 'J’adore' is comparable to that of fellow Canadian artist Justin Bieber’s new album “Justice.” Each of the five tracks from the project tells a different story that encourages self-love, trust in relationships, and unity. From one listen to the EP, the listener can sense the contentment and love that SOUTHSTYLEZ feels for himself, the important people in his life, and his fans.

SOUTHSTYLEZ kicks off the EP with the uplifting track “Baby Stay Close,” in which he collaborated with vocalist Melo Gotti. The low-key backtrack of “Baby Stay Close” introduces a theme of old-school Hip-Hop to the EP, and the subtle soundscape spotlights SOUTHSTYLEZ verses. A soulful bass guitar melody is layered within the production, giving “Baby Stay Close” its R&B flavors. Melo Gotti brings each chorus a catchy melody as SOUTHSTYLEZ effortlessly transitions to his alluring rapping during each verse.

Collaborating with artist J-nice, SOUTHSTYLEZ has cultured more of a sensual R&B vibe with the song “Fantasy.” With its relaxed and slow-paced beat and J-nice’s heavenly serenades, “Fantasy” will take the listener to a dreamland. When it comes to lyricism, “Fantasy” is set up as if SOUTHSTYLEZ and J-nice are singing to each other about trust and self-sacrifice, which creates a story for the listener to follow along with.

With its soulful soundscape and lo-fi verses, “You’re a Vibe” trends toward the R&B side of things. SOUTHSTYLEZ works with artist Feli to bring euphoric harmonies and tender serenades to “You’re a Vibe.” The backtrack melody is made from an electronic keyboard that incorporates a variety of unique sounds into a catchy rhythm. With a voice like an angel, Feli makes this track stand out within the EP as a melody that fans will be singing along to for days. With each verse, SOUTHSTYLES truly proves himself as a skillful rapper by delivering the right amount of aggression for the right moments and pausing at the right times to emphasize certain lyrics.

The album’s producer A.W.O.L is featured in both “Beautiful Mess Pt 2” and “J’adore.” For both tracks, A.W.O.L provides a few gentle verses along with a complex and thoughtful production. A piano melody owns the backtrack of “Beautiful Mess Pt 2” before it is layered between a subtle trap beat and echoing background vocals. The sensual beat along with each powerful verse by SOUTHSTYLEZ makes “Beautiful Mess Pt 2” an alluring combination of R&B and Hip-Hop.“J’adore” boasts a similar intricacy with its production as A.W.O.L continues to showcase his talent for arrangement. The final track of the EP 'J’adore' is a chance for SOUTHSTYLEZ to display his vocal ability as he seamlessly transitions between an R&B chorus and Hip-Hop verses. Named after the EP itself, “J’adore” is the ideal conclusion to an EP that encourages unity, uplifting others, and loving yourself.

As your second EP released, can you tell us how 'J’adore' compares to your first EP 'Music in My Mind?' How has your music style evolved over time? You can hear the different sounds in 'J'adore.' On my EP 'Music On My Mind,' I was more focused on the West Coast vibe particularly, and now with my second Ep 'J’adore,' I am more focused on my melodic sound and r&b vibes, because I wanted to connect more with my female audience. I also improved in my lyrics and my metaphors. We were entranced by the uplifting messages behind each song of “J’adore.” If there is the main message that you are trying to relay to your fans with the release of this EP, what would that be? Unconditional love. Pure love. I know there is a lot of fellas out there who have a hard time to express there feeling to their precious lady and J'adore will help express that feeling for them. What was the inspiration behind this EP? Could you elaborate on your songwriting, recording, and production process?

It’s to show and express the love you have for your lady let her know that there is no competition when it comes to her. I put a lot of my own feeling in this tape, for example like why you want her to stay close, like why the love feels like a fantasy and etc. Also, my engineer makes everything so easy to work with him Are there specific artists or genres that have inspired your music style throughout your underground rapping journey?

  1. Yes there is I listen to Tupac For that poetic knowledge to send a message across so it could reach everyone

  2. I listen to Biggie Smalls so I could get that knowledge about the street so to know how the street works

  3. And when it comes to my bars I had to go with Cassidy because to me this guy was just the bars genius he was just lyrically Incline with his words you know I’m saying

  4. And of course, I can’t forget my r&b singers like KC and JoJo, babyface boys to men, all for one, genuine, Usher Tyrese, Joe and the list goes on and there’s a lot more like Mary J Blige, Whitney Houston

What’s next for you?

My next project is my first videos done, getting my music on more radio stations, try to get it in on Commercials, TV series, movies, and all of that.