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Tour the Emotions of Your Soul With the Vivid Storytelling in The Roseline "Catalpa"

Embodying the ethos of their lone liberal college town, which sits in the big, rectangular red state of Kansas, the Lawrence birthed band, The Roseline, creates a familiar atmosphere in their music that has you stepping outside of your comfort zone.

This unique combination of tenors has led The Roseline to the sounds heard on their second, full-length album titled, ‘Constancy.’ The Midwestern folk/rock band fires on all cylinders as they release what they deem their most diverse and accomplished collection of songs to date.

Through a slow tempo that sways gracefully, we’re brought to the single “Catalpa,” a vibrant showcase of The Roseline’s profound storytelling capabilities. Dipping into a heartrending fountain that overflows with authentic truths nuzzled into the memories that swarm their present day, there’s a wistful ambiance that serenades the soundwaves as you take this piece in.

Meaningful percussion hits beat through your soul as the atmospheric guitar riffs carry a fortified ability to peek into the way your heart and soul coincide with one another. The Roseline has a knack for encompassing infectious rhythm as the buttery croons that unfolds a narrative deep to the core take you on a sonic journey that is flooded with personal moments. Unveiling this sliver of what’s to come for ‘Constancy,’ The Roseline has our senses heightened and our feelings ready to take on the emotional pour of authenticity shared.

We most definitely think that it’s in your best interest to stay tuned for the fictional narratives and intimate confessions that are weaved together and bathed in cosmic mystique on the forthcoming album, November 5th, 2021. With lyrical motifs that paint vivid imagery in “Catalpa,” it’s cemented that The Roseline lends out auditory directions worth following.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The Roseline. We loved taking in every moment of "Catalpa." Would you care to fill us in on the narrative that's being processed and what struck up the inspiration for this song?

It's a little tune about aging out of a college town while being constantly surrounded by youth. The two verses lay in contrast with each other — one being content with middle age and the other pining for youth.

With The Roseline being a trio, could you please tell us about each of you that we hear on this track? How do you all work together to bring a song's vision to life?

We're actually a quintet, but there were six of us that contributed to this track. For "Catalpa," we wanted it to feel spacious and languid, so everyone really laid back in service of the song. I love the ethereal synths and the brushed drums. Vibey.

What does "Catalpa," say about the rest of 'Constancy?' How does this define you as a band?

"Catalpa" is kind of a breather moment in the sequencing of the album tracks. It explores similar existential quandaries seen elsewhere on 'Constancy' but also has a little humor thrown in too. Probably the first song to ever address being bad at skateboarding. I don't know how it defines us as a band, but it certainly is a nice document of our evolution. At its core, "Catalpa" is a very simple folk song, but we dressed it up with some traditionally un-folk sounds.

If your listeners were to know one thing about you that they don't already, what would you want it to be?

Probably that we're all total goofballs with a gross sense of humor, sometimes the songs get so dark and earnest that I worry the listener may think we're like that all the time, but it's far from the truth.

What is one thing you'd like new listeners to know about the group and your music?

We've been doing this for over 16 years, and only now are we feeling remotely confident in what we're doing. Just now hitting our stride. Tell your friends!

What can fans anticipate hearing next?

I don't know! Hopefully, more tuneful songs with good lyrics and an evolution sonically. We'll see!



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