“Train Of Thought” By Noveliss Puts Him On The Map In A Big Way

Noveliss is apart of the legendary Hip-Hop collective, Clear Soul Forces. That collective earned themselves a record deal with Fat Beats in the mid 2000's and set the world ablaze with their single "Get No Better". Although the collective saw nothing but success, Noveliss knew he had an individual sound that needed to be heard. Noveliss decided he wanted to give fans a piece of himself that they didn’t get to hear in the group. Influenced by his love of everything Nerd Culture, Noveliss set out on his solo career.

“Train Of Thought” is a heavily retrospective track that weaves through storytelling elements of personal trials and tribulations. Noveliss speaks his truth on real life experiences. He layers unique sound arrangements with expert bars and flawless delivery. The emotive poetry that “Train Of Thought” exudes is inspiring and motivating. The hook says “One day Im’a fly away, But until then I'll live through words on a page, My frame of mind chose all these railroads that's intricate, My train of thought blazing through road rails infinite” and we can’t get enough. The metaphorical bars and legendary backbeat flow perfectly together. Noveliss is off to an incredible start to his solo career, remember the name!   

Check out “Train Of Thought” here and keep scrolling for out interview with Noveliss!

Hey Noveliss! Welcome to BuzzMusic! How did the name Noveliss come to fruition?

My name used to be J-Roc but I never thought of that as a real artist name. So after giving it some thought I knew I wanted to make music my children would be proud of and decided to use their names to create my moniker. My daughters name is Nova and my sons name is Jayliss. I combined them to create Noveliss and the rest is history!

Let’s talk about your track “Train Of Thought”! What inspired this song and what was the writing process like?

The inspiration for the track came from the random thoughts I have looking at society on a daily basis. Whether its planetary devastation (If you know you know), the political landscape, gun laws, my favorite comics, anime, & manga, or just the information we consume from news outlets. My writing process is very dynamic and I tend to write anywhere I get inspiration. So that can be the gym, out in nature, or honestly wherever. I don't just sit down and write rhymes, it can happen at any moment.

We love your authentic sound! Do you have any specific musical influences you pull inspiration from?

I'm a huge Nujabes, Redman and MF Doom fan. The Nujabes influence alone obviously ties into my love for Anime and Manga where I really sow my roots musically. Samurai Champloo..... The soundtrack he worked on opened my eyes to the way Hip-Hop and Anime blends perfectly, and I wanted to continue that legacy. Redman was the best MC of his era and embodied everything you should be as an artist to me. He was creative, smart, authentic, and on top of that an incredible performer. I try to bring all of those characteristics to my artistry every time I touch a microphone. As far as MF Doom goes? Hes my favorite MC hands down. He really is the bar I set for my career, where I can be successful playing by my own rules and on my own merit.

What’s next for Noveliss?

I've been touring very heavily lately and I'll continue to do so.. I have dates in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Washington, Oregon, and Nebraska. On top of that my group Clear Soul Forces has a packed schedule in Europe but I'm not complaining. Music wise look out for my next EP Sword of Nature this fall, and the follow up to my last LP Cerebral Apex next spring.


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