Transport To An Electric State Of Mind With John Moore & Missing Star's, "Was It Worth It All?"

John Moore and Missing Star come through with a raucous and edgy new record, "Was it Worth it All?" from the highly anticipated album, 'The Moon and the Stars and the World.'

The forthcoming album from John Moore & Missing Star contains poignant, soulful songs on feeling sometimes out of place in a world that is changing at a fast pace.

With the '70s and 80's R&B pop throwback and a dash of modern rock it touches on themes, everyone can relate to for its introspective look at living life. 

With many accomplishments under his belt, John Moore moves forward ready to conquer all endeavors with Missing Star. “Was It Worth It All?” showcases his talents with another endeavor and why they are leaving a mark on the music industry.

“Was It Worth It All?” begins with warm, mellow instrumentation that gives an electric live off the floor sound creating life like atmosphere in a world where studio recordings are the new norm. The charisma seized in the vocalizing of John Moore’s performance transmits a pure essence as he sings the heartfelt verses and mind-altering chorus, “Was It Worth It All?”

The discordant guitar solo at the bridge carries an ominous dystopian outcome before Moore’s vocals merge back into the tempo of decelerated drums and a rich bassline.

“Was It Worth It All?” ends with the primal feedback from the guitar amps surrounding the recording area and the silence of room space that leave our minds buzzing off the high that John Moore and Missing Star display.

“Was It Worth It All?” leaves us nostalgic with our love for the grunge era exuding a modern twist. We can’t wait to dive deeper into, 'The Moon and the Stars and the World.'

Listen to "Was It Worth It All?" here.