Transport Yourself to Your Happy Place While Listening to Ute’s Release “Happiness Together"

Ute recently released her enchanting new single "Happiness Together," and we are absolutely in love with this one. From the moment "Happiness Together" begins, we are brought to a colorful world full of the best moments of life. Ute took us by the hand and showed us everything that there is to see. We saw clear blue skies, a never-ending green prairie, and a rustic town that Ute would sing "Happiness Together" in. Music for Ute is all about forgetting about the sorrows and only feeling the good times, which is precisely what we had gotten out of "Happiness Together." While listening to "Happiness Together, it was nearly impossible to stop smiling and slowly sway side to side to the music being created. Aside from the beauty in this one, Ute shows off her melody writing skills and completely lifts us in the chorus by switching to a silky smooth melody that perfectly contrasts the deeper intimate side of her voice. "Happiness Together" features Ute's classic delicately intimate vocals, silky sweet strings that beautifully compliment her voice, a modern hybrid of an acoustic and electronic drum kit playing a delicate waltz, a melodic, moving bass, and sparkly acoustic guitars. We were incredibly happy while listening to this one and can't wait to hear what is next to come from Ute.

Fall in love with “Happiness Together” here.