Tre Beats Is Killing The Game With “Young Kanye”

Tremayne also known as Tre beats from Stamford CT. has been producing beats for 7 years and rapping for at-least 6. He released his single titled “Young Kanye” featuring Shizzy. The production of this beat was killer. It had a unique vibe with mysterious energy. It was the perfect foundation for the rapper to lyrically spit a story. Now let’s dissect the straight-forward delivery and flow, the lyrics in “Young Kanye” were the real, authentic, and complete opposite of transparent. The rawness in “Young Kanye” is what makes you a fan. The lyrics were bold and unapologetic, while also maintaining its thought provoking appeal. Both Tremayne and Shizzy have two different approaches and tempos in their flows, yet they still come together to deliver a nice fusion of like-minded talent that executes when they step behind a mic. “Young Kanye” was a fire song with nice dimensions of versatility and diverse elements. If you’re longing for a new hip-hop song to get you through your day, then we recommend adding this to your personal playlist!

Listen to "Young Kanye" here and keep scrolling for our exclusive with Tremayne!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Tremayne! Mind telling our readers a bit about yourself?

My name is Tremayne Crumbley aka TRE BEATS I am 25 year old producer/song writer  from Stamford CT and Ive been making beats for 7 years now. I just started rapping at the end of last year so I still have a long way to go but I’m taking it just as serious as producing beats.

What’s the most challenging aspect for you as a producer? How do you overcome certain obstacles?

Honestly writing is my biggest obstacle to date. It’s easy for me to put sounds together to make a beat but sometimes I find myself struggling to come up with lyrics but it all comes with the process. I still remember when I was making low quality beats and with time I built myself into the producer I am today. If I apply those methods to rap than I’m certain I can overcome these obstacles. 

Knowing you’re a multi-talented artist who does both, what do you think makes a song a hit? The production of it? Or the artist? Can a rapper still produce a hit with a bad beat?

A hit can go either way in my opinion. Both aspects can give you a great song wether it’s the artist's talents or the producers talents. It can also be a mixture of both too. The collective work from both the artist and the producer can generate a hit. It should be something that naturally happens though, I feel that if either party try’s to focus in on making a hit than they may loose inspiration. Just keep working hard and it will naturally come to you.

Who would you consider some of your influences and why?

Young Chop would be my first. He’s the reason I started making beats. The first time I listened to back from the dead by chief keef I feel in love with all beats I had to figure out who produced this project. The next day I watched a documentary on CHOP and it explained his background and everything he had going on with the Drill Music movement. It wasn’t till Chop stated that he would walk from house to house around his neighborhood with a desktop to make beats. Lets not forget this is the south side of Chicago we’re talking about and not laptop a complete desktop. If this man had the drive to walk around Chicago with this computers to better than why can’t I figure out how to use my laptop to make beats! And this is where it all started. Once I got the hang of FL STUDIO I started to study Metro Boomin. I remade alot of his beats not to gain credit or money, I just knew that if I could remake some of the songs that a super producer creates than I could take those attics and apply them to my beats find my own sound. 

What’s next for you Tremayne? Any exciting plans for this summer?

My brother Shizzy and I just finished our second album. The album is being mix and mastered as we speak and you can look forward to “STAGE TECHNICIANS”  dropping the end of this month or beginning of August. With features from alot of Stamford artist including myself and Shizzy and a few from features from TSE HITTA out of Philly! Executive produced by my self and Shizzy. Young Kanye and It Doesn’t Matter both out now prod by me! 

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