Trizzy's Gaining All the Buzz For His Ruthless Stylings

Trizzy is a phenomenal 22-year-old born rapper hailing from Indiana who began recording his music at 12 years old. With the help of his team, he has become an emerging artist on the scene and a well-known name in his community. He’s been seen as a hot new versatile artist in the rap game. Since the release of his first hot new single, “Pop Out” Trizzy has been busy and becoming victorious on “Big Heff's” midwest industry showcase both locally and regionally. His song and his video have collected over 20k views and streams, attaining himself a feature on WSHH Itunes playlist. Not only has WSHH take notice of this promising talent, but “Vevo’s” incoming hip-hop list AND the Hot 97 up and coming artist list. The constant recognition Trizzy is receiving is a clear reflection on the prominent skill and artistry he has. Trizzy doesn’t like to relax in one spot in his career, instead, he seeks consistent accomplishments and success. The grind never stops for him, and Trizzy continues to emerge as one of the new faces of the midwest, working on his upcoming debut studio album titled “Treysean,” which is set to release early 2020! Be on the lookout for Trizzy.

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Welcome to BuzzMusic Trizzy! Congratulations on being selected as our Artist Of The Day. What does this mean to you? It’s truly an honor, me and my team been working very hard these past few months putting all the pieces to this puzzle together, and it's great to see success from our progression. Do you recall the emotions you felt releasing your first debut single, “Pop Out”? What were some challenges you face in the creation process? I felt “Lit,” we definitely double checked to make sure it was released.  It was the first time anything of mine been released on major platforms. The feeling was monumental. When I was creating the song I really wanted to make something to gravitate to the mass demographic, Making the song so that is was more marketable can be a challenge when you have a certain direction you want to end up. I did struggle a bit with not wanting to be defined or summed up to what I lyrically have to offer to this rap game. Who would you consider some of your main inspirations and influences behind your music and why? Lil Wayne, besides him taking industry risks, His marketing strategy has always been something I followed. “Go Dj” was a good way to get his awareness more into clubs, mixtapes, and radio. “Lollipop” was sex. I have seen what he did and I applied it to what I and my team are building for the future of my career. Let’s talk a little about your upcoming debut album “Treysean”.  What’s the main theme that’s surrounding this project? I want it to show my versatility, but more importantly, Treysean is what my mother would call me when I was in trouble, so this is more my way of telling the world that they in trouble. Can you hint to our readers what we can possibly expect from this album? A little bit of everything. Expect the unexpected. Nothing I can say can get you ready for what I have to say on this album.

What’s next for you in 2020 Trizzy? More music. More visuals, definitely touring and performing. Just more getting to the goals that we set for ourselves.