Troyse Drops Ground-Breaking New Single “New Rulez (Run It Up)”

Brandon ‘Troyse’ Williams is an unstoppable up and coming artist from  Baltimore, MD. His artistic flow is inspired by real-life experiences. Troyse aims to make music his main message in life. Growing up with a father that was a guitarist, Troyse always had music surrounding his childhood. At the age of fifteen, it was Troyse's cousin Lenny who took him under his wing and gave Troyse a notebook, a pen, and a CD player and since the Troyse has been hooked on hip-hop.

“New Rulez (Run It Up)” is an eclectic new track from Troyse. On top of what is a gorgeously colorful and partly organic soundscape, Troyseoffers up a beautifully uplifting melody-line that’s surprisingly refreshing and addictive all at once. In addition to the likable groove of the music, the song’s concept offers a fine balance between personal truth and a generally accessible level connection. Troyse seems genuinely lost in the moment throughout the recording, he carries the bar well and makes certain to hold your affection without screaming out for views or throwing in anything irrelevant just to add volume. Troyse is an impressive artist with a natural connection to the genre and to performance on the whole. We can’t wait to hear more! 

Check out “New Rulez (Run It Up)” here and read more with Troyse below! 

Welcome to BuzzMusic Troyse! “New Rulez (Run It Up)”  was catchy, it was relatable, and it was seriously hyped up. What kind of energy did you want to pour into your listeners with this particular track?

I was looking for that classic top down summertime vibe you know? I wanted people to feel a sense of motivation to go after whatever it is in life you want, Because it’s already yours! 

How long did the entire songwriting/recording process take for “New Rulez (Run It Up)”? What're you more comfortable with, the writing process, or the recording process?

They are both one in the same for me. If I really feel the track it doesn’t take long for me to have the song written in my head already. Run it Up just happened, shout out to @Vznare for the track! I just loaded it up in Logic, hit record and let it flow out.


What kind of steps do you take to make sure you're being as honest as you can within your music, and ultimately to your listeners?

When you’re already true to yourself, the only step there is left to take is to put it out there and let the listeners decide. Ultimately authenticity wins every time...

With your new single out now, do you have a longer project on the way!? We can’t wait to hear more. 

Lol I’ll leave that up to the listeners to demand a full project. Until then, I’m just gonna keep releasing quality bangers to feed the streets. 

It was amazing being able to showcase “New Rulez (Run It Up)”  here to our BuzzMusic readers! Any parting words for the BuzzMusic community?

I appreciate y’all taking the time out to listen to me that means more to me than anything! Keep rocking with me and I’ll make sure to keep the bangers coming, Open Life Sound is going up believe that! 


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