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truekolors and Amy Lyons Release Their Vibrant Single, "Over and Over"

Teaming up to serve shimmering electronic soundscapes, the LA-based producer/artist truekolors and Sydney-hailing singer-songwriter Amy Lyons release their energetic dance hit, "Over and Over."

Having met online in a marketing course, truekolors and Amy Lyons struck various conversations about the program they shared, which later escalated into becoming friends and fellow creatives. Now collaborating on music together, the two finally released their upbeat electro-anthem that moves mountains.

Expanding on their single "Over and Over," truekolors and Amy Lyons do an incredible job of transporting us into warmth through the song's hypnotic summer feel and lush arrangements. While Amy Lyons offers her sweet vocals for truekolors to chop with perfection, the song gives us all the energy to move our feet as we reminisce nights on the dancefloor.

Jumping into "Over and Over," the song opens with a heavy sci-fi-inspired synth arrangement and enchanting keys alongside Amy Lyons' filtered and haunting vocals. One the radiant beat drops, we can feel a sense of progressive house merged with deep house through truekolors' melodic production.

Amy Lyons' melodies and lyrical portrayals are truly intoxicating, especially once truekolors distorts and chops them to offer the same melodic arrangement as the accompanying house-inspired production. Once the exhilarating bass-like synths grab our hands and take us onto the heart of the dancefloor, the song makes its way to the outro through each brilliant and fiery sonic.

Dance the night away with truekolors and Amy Lyons on their latest electro single, "Over and Over," available now on all streaming platforms.

We love the energy and life you've created with your single "Over and Over." What inspired the two of you to make this lively single?

truekolors: Her vocal melodies were nice, to begin with. I listened to the lyrics she wrote and was fixated on the phrase "over and over to you" which was relatable. It reminded me of some of my past experiences when I kept going back to a relationship with no future because I was drawn too strongly to the person and was blinded.

Amy: I think truekolors is a gifted producer with a great ear for detail. I really wanted to work with him and see what we could come up with! Over and Over is such a fun track and I can’t help myself but dance when I hear it.

We can't get enough of the brilliant vocal chops and synth arrangements within "Over and Over." What sort of atmosphere were you initially aiming for when creating the production?

truekolors: I wanted to make an emotionally dynamic song in which I start off soft and mellow then take a turn and never come back. The lyrics and vocals are quite melancholic so I tried to match that with a heavy and bassy beat that's not too fast. Speaking on the lyrical aspect of "Over and Over," did Amy Lyons write her own lyricism? What themes did she touch on within her songwriting? Amy: Yes I wrote the lyrics. I started writing the song about a toxic friendship I was in. My friend started to put me down and it made me feel really terrible about myself. When I sat back and saw what I was writing, I realized that subconsciously I was also writing about a toxic relationship that a family member was in. I think these lyrics are my way of processing both of those experiences that I had kept bottled up. It was therapeutic for me to write such a powerful lyric. It was freeing. What should we expect from your forthcoming collaborations? Will you deliver more radiant house-inspired songs like "Over and Over"?

Being both EDM enthusiasts, we will try similar themes and styles, but more towards house rather than house-inspired. Our next collaboration will convey our growth working together and hopefully showcase more of what we have to offer as artists.

What has been keeping you inspired to create music?

Amy: I really can’t imagine not creating music. It’s such a big part of my life and I find myself always inspired by like-minded musicians. I’m inspired to create by trying to translate my deepest and darkest feelings in a beautiful way from what’s going on around me or happening in my life at the time.

truekolors: Sharing emotions with others, either with collaborators or listeners makes me happy and it keeps me push myself harder.


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