Truestoryjaye Gets Deep & Personal in Track "Wishes"

Truestoryjaye is an emerging Hip/Hop and Rap artist, coming to the music scene with new content that he believes displays his life in the most elemental way. Truestoryjaye is an artist who prefers to look on the positive side of unfortunate outcomes, bringing out the best in any possible situation he undergoes. Truestoryjaye is the type of artist who pours off inspiration, and it's quite warming to really listen through the experiences he has been through, and the perspective he still maintains regardless of any obstacles. Truestoryjaye has come out with his track "Wishes", which features an intimate storyline of the life Truestoryjaye lives on the daily. Being involved with music since the young age of 6, Truestoryjaye has methodically crafted his sound over the years, growing up with a solid idea on what kind of artist he wanted to become. "Wishes" goes deep into the perspective of Truestoryjaye, delving into the specifics on what he sees on a daily basis. Despite all of the trivial times his life has seen, Truestoryjaye came out on top, and uses his music as a platform to talk about the various hardships life can bring, and how to face them. "Wishes" is definitely more than just a catchy and melodic beat, as Truestoryjaye takes on the task of really putting integral messages within the track. "Wishes" has successfully proved the artistic vision of Truestoryjaye to be one that is thoughtful and deeper in meaning. 

You can check out Truestoryjaye's "Wishes" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic! What’s the story behind “Truestoryjaye”?

The Highlight Of My Career Will Be When I’m Able To Look Back And Realize I Finally Made It. Going Through All The Hard Times And Struggles To Get There. The Creativeness Behind This Record. As A Teenager I Got In Trouble So Much. One Thing LED To Another. I Didn’t Want To Listen To Anybody. My Actions Progressively Got Worst. To A Point I Went To Jail. Durning That Time In Jail. Which Was A Year? I Didn’t Know Where I Was Going To End Up. I Was Going To Court 3-4 Times A Month With No Good Results. All Odds Were Against Me. I Felt So Much Pain And Regret Behind The Actions That I Did. “Long, Lonely Nights. I’m Tossing, Turning In These Sheets” Every Night Being Incarcerated Was So Horrible. I Was Crying “Wishing” For A Way Out. Another Chance At Life And To Start Over. Trying To Find My Purpose. I Had Dealt With So Much Pain That I Started To Put It Into Words And A Melody. 

You have some huge accomplishments, congrats! What is the highlight of your career?

The Inspiration To This Single. When I Went To Bootcamp For 3 Months. Which Was In Prison. I Met People Who Are Legit Not Going Home No Time Soon. Some Of Them Didn’t Have Chance After Chance Like I Did. Some Of Them, All It Took Was One Time To Ruin They’re Life. They Are Stuck And Lonely And Hurt. Me Being Incarcerated For A Year. Which Doesn’t Top 10-20-30 Years. But To Be Gone From Your Family Day After Day. Missing Moments That You Just Can't Get Back. I Feel They’re Pain. My Grandma Passed While I Was Incarcerated. I Missed Birthdays And Holiday. Certain Events. I Know What It Feels Like To Be On A Jail Phone Talking To Your Family Trying To Remain Calm Cool And Collective. I Know The Feeling And It Hurts!

We really enjoyed your single “Wishes”. How would you describe your creative process behind this record?

The Inspiration Came From My All-Time Favorite Artis K Camp. His Music Got Me Through Hard Times. If I Didn’t Know His Songs By Heart I Don’t Know How I Would've Coped. Because Music Is Everything To Me. It Helps Me Through ANY AND EVERY Situation. And The Way K Camp Delivers His Messages Is So Heartfelt. But I’m Such A Surreal Manner. Such As Change Featuring Him And Jeremih. Or Think About It. Or Even Such Songs As Control. I Know What It Feels Like To Bot Have A Father. Or To Watch My Mom Struggle. Not Being Able To Have This And That. I Figured If I LISTEN To Music When I’m Feeling Down, Up Or Even Neutral. Then I Should Try To Make Music To Express Myself And How I Feel And What I’ve Been Through. K CampHas Gotten Me Through So Manny Hard Times. So I Dedicate It All To Him Because If It Wasn’t For Him Realising Speaking On His Songs. Who Knows Where I Would Be. So Til This Day. I Still Make “Wishes”

What inspired you to write this single? Do you draw any musical inspiration from any other artists?

In 2020 I Plan To Grow And Prosper In My Musical Career. To Really Perfect My Craft. Expect Me Giving Back To The Community. Always Doing Something For The Kids. Expect Me To Make Music That People Can Relate Too. Music That Can Help People Get Through Trials And Tribulations. Such As The Impact K Camp Has On Me. 

What are you looking forward to the most out of this year in 2020? What can we expect to see from you?

And Last But Most Definitely Not Least. The One Thing I'm Looking Forward To Is, Signing With K Camp. You Are What You Put Out In The Universe. Intuition Is Everythings. Ask And It Shall Be Given To You.