Try to Catch Up With the Intense Delivery of Profound Artist in "Spiritual Warfare"

Canadian rap prodigy Profound Artist is here on BuzzMusic to highlight some of his recent progressions within the music industry. Think of everything you know about your typical rap artists, and throw it all away. Profound Artist extends outward from the everyday rap content currently surfacing, as he really takes the time and energy to construct tracks filled with emotionality, as well as verses that might make you think in a way you never yet have.

Profound Artist's recent single release, "Spiritual Warfare," completely holds up to our expected expectations, and we can easily say that the single itself will probably be replayed by most listeners, especially if you don't have your ears peeled the first time around. Right from the start, "Spiritual Warfare" begins with a real surge of intensity. Profound Artist doesn't hold back at getting right into his hypnotic delivery, keeping listeners on their toes for the majority of the track. One thing about his delivery you definitely won't miss out on catching is the rate at which Profound Artist is able to deliver his keen wordplay. It's impressive, to say the least, especially considering the magnitude of the track's message. "Spiritual Warfare" proved to be Profound Artist's opportunity to exploit an intriguing perspective, and he really didn't miss a single chance at showcasing his inert talent.

Check out Profound Artist's recent track, "Spiritual Warfare" here

Welcome, Profound Artist! Thanks for chatting about your latest single, "Spiritual Warfare". What kind of energy were you hoping listeners would primarily extract from listening to this particular single of yours?

Honestly, I want them to get the energy to stand up for what is right and I don't necessarily mean it in a violent way. Just stand up to the injustices of the world or else they'll never stop. We never stopped the people in power when we had the chance so we gotta stand up for what's right and keep fighting the good fight.

Was there anything specific you were hoping "Spiritual Warfare" listeners would understand differently after listening to your track? Do you feel that the message of your tracks is generally understood by your listening base?

Not necessarily, I just want to peak their curiosity. I wanted it to be like a starting point into questioning things and not taking things at face value anymore.

I do believe so. I often get feedback from the people who listen to my music and they always tell me how they love what I say and to me that means the world.

As an artist who has a unique style of vocal delivery, do you ever find yourself encountering challenges when attempting to record?

Yeah definitely. My breath is not what it used to be. Sometimes it's hard to record some songs like spiritual warfare but I don't stop until it sounds perfect in my ears. A little fun fact about Spiritual Warfare, I almost lost my voice recording the song.

How would you say that the current music scene in Montreal, Canada is propelling the current way your music comes about?

Honestly, and I do not mean it with any form of disrespect, but the Montreal hip hop scene does not influence. Let me elaborate. In Montreal, most of the hip hop artists all make music in french so already there it makes it different. There are anglophone rappers don't get me wrong but we don't get the same exposure as the french ones do. But I do have to say, the anglophone rappers are dope and if I say so myself, the other rappers in my crew who are anglophone are really extremely dope.

What's next for you? Next song is gonna come out by the end of July about. Its gonna be called Temporary. And I'm about 90% done with the recording stage of my album so be on the look out for that.