Turn up the Speakers for Aragent Aron’s Newest Release “Chasin Tha Bag"

The Rialto based Hip-Hop artist Aragent Aron works as a self-provoked artist who is signed to an indie label, On A High Note. Since beginning his career as an artist and working closely with legendary producer Chris the Glove Taylor, Aragent Aron has opened for icons that include Bizzy Bone and Knocturnal. Aragent Aron recently released his newest high intensity single "Chasin Tha Bag," and we could not stop moving to the groove.

"Chasin Tha Bag" opens up with an incredibly moody, slightly dark synth motif that transports us to a dark, cold tunnel that is then brought to light once Aragent Aron's lyricism comes through and brings us comfort. This combined with the theme of people always chasing the money and doing anything they can to get that bag makes for a thought-provoking experience that a lot of people will easily be able to relate to. Speaking of Argent Aron's lyricism, it easily shines in "Chasin Tha Bag." With lyrics like "Haters talk, how to pay attention, ain't talking money, there's no need to listen," we got a sense of how honest of a songwriter Aragent Aron is. On the flip side, halfway through "Chasin Tha Bag," we were completely caught off guard from how quick and tight Aragent Aron was able to deliver a verse. We were genuinely thrilled from start to end about "Chasin Tha Bag" and cannot wait to hear what is coming next from Aragent Aron. You can listen to “Chasin Tha Bag” here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic Aragent Aron! We could not stop vibing to your release “Chasin Tha Bag”, what were your initial thoughts when coming up for the production of this record with your producer? Which element was created first? I produced this track by myself I was thinking of the music that’s out and I wanted to put out a song that captures this genre.

The first thing created first was the sample after I locked in the beat I began freestyling on it to catch a cadence that fits naturally and didn’t sound forced

Speaking of your lyrics, you told us the true story about people always going after the money, how does this message relate to you and your life? Are there any alternate meanings or metaphors in this song? This song relates to anyone who’s out there trying to make ends meet survive or just plain out ball lol I went from debt and cash aid to working a decent job becoming an assistant lead went from driving a Honda to a BMW so chasing the bag is something I’m doing daily as we all should. No alternate meaning or metaphors  It’s always a great collaborative experience to have a producer, how did the two of you come to meet? What is the workflow process like between the two of you? As I am my own producer my process is longer due to the fact that I work and have a family I can put in the time to either write or make a beat very seldom can I completely finish a song in one day. What was it like the first time you opened for someone on stage? How do you think you have grown as an artist since you started performing? Do you have any goals for future shows that you’d like to achieve? Well, I opened up for Knocturnal in Long Beach Ca as well as Bizzy Bone in Santa Ana I also work wit Self Provoked you’ll recognize me in his latest video and I realized that growth happens when you accept your flaws and correct them I didn’t have a strong stage presence at first now it’s where I wanna be. For future shows I just wanna entertain the crowd more I want them to leave feeling like they were at a concert. What else can we expect from Aragent Aron in 2020?

You can expect some collabs wit El da Sensei from the Artifacts production by Chris The Glove Taylor legendary producer credited wit Death Row/Aftermath some new songs wit Self Provoked and possibly the Ynoe more shows more videos better quality music.