Turn Up the Volume For MNYS’ Latest Lively Single, “Spiders”

The LA-based Singer-Songwriter and Producer MNYS livens our spirits with an empowering Alt-Rock single titled “Spiders.” MNYS has seen many successful industry endeavors, beginning with his time at WVU and sharing the stage with Cash Cash and I See Stars. Not to mention getting into rooms with Timeflies, Lil Dicky, and Allen Ritter, MNYS is making his way around and becoming more recognized each time.

With his latest single, “Spiders,” MNYS gets incredibly modern with his vocal effects and instrumentation, bringing us into the scorching sounds of Alt-Rock merged with Pop.

Through his lyrical message of moving on from someone who caused him unforeseeable pain, MNYS offers a blistering sense of empowerment for listeners to pack up and leave what’s not serving them anymore.

“Spiders” opens with MNYS’s bright and intriguing vocal performance as he begins to sing of the spider crawling up his spine, which interestingly strikes up thoughts of his past lover. Overtop of short electric guitar bursts and a punchy percussion breakdown, the instrumentals offer a somewhat nostalgic aspect through the song’s similarities to 00s Pop-Punk.

What keeps us listening is the tightly wound hook where powerful rhythm guitar punches through alongside MNYS’ filtered vocals, offering an emphasized Alt-Rock tone. We love the energy and wit that MNYS has delivered with this single, as he ends it off on a highly modern note with added vocal effects and intricate production.

MNYS has given us all the warmth with “Spiders” as the nights begin to cool, and we’re loving the empowering lyrical message delivered within the track, allowing listeners to take action and leave those who aren’t deserving of their presence.

We love the energy you delivered within your recent lively single, “Spiders.” Why did you want to create a track that speaks on moving past toxic love? 

Thank you! This song definitely expresses toxicity as a whole and I identify it with a past friendship. But to your point of this being about “toxic love” I can go on about that, ha! I think growing up, it’s easy to get lost in the opinions and influences of what’s around you and it took me a long time to break through all of that. I finally realized that the people and energy I surrounded myself with were the main reason for much of my unhappiness. Removing that as the root of my day-to-day has been life-changing. Within your lyrics on “Spiders,” you tend to cover themes of taking action for yourself and steering clear of others who are undeserving. How does the song’s title and intro verse relate to the overall theme?

I think we can all relate by saying we have had negative people, thoughts, or feelings in our lives. So from that perspective, “spiders” are exactly that. No matter how good a day, it’s always the “spiders” that seem to linger. For most, the thought of being alone in a room with a spider would take up all of their brainpower. This is about finally finding comfort in removing them. Speaking on the blistering instrumentals and production within “Spiders,” why did you fuel the song with robust and solid instrumentals to back up your lyrical message? What sort of atmosphere did you want to deliver with the sonics?

I really wanted a mix of something care-free and angsty. Basically, something that conveyed this message of being over any opinions or outside judgment from anyone. Specifically in the chorus, you hear the distorted vocal and that was something the producers (Paperwings) and I were really trying to nail. I don’t necessarily have the most punchy vocal, but I knew we could figure out a way for it to still cut through and sound "big" as a chorus. So, we removed all of the initial vocal stacks and threw on the distortion. It was the perfect solution for my voice - where I didn't have to belt but still gave it some energy.

We’ve heard that you’re releasing an EP titled, 'Wish I Was Better at Apologies.' Did “Spiders” make the cut for the project, or are you venturing in a different direction than what the single offers? 

This EP is something I have been wanting to release for the last year, I spent a week in Joshua tree with some of my closest friends crafting it and I cannot wait for everyone to hear it. “Spiders” is 100% on it - as the theme of the project is mostly about friendships and growing up. All the songs are rooted in pop-punk energy from the early 2000s but have a twist of electronic and r&b. Each is unique in its own way. I hope you like it.