Turn Up With West Berman & ProjectBaby JV In “Midnight in Magnolia”

Coming in hot from Austin, Texas, is the upcoming hip-hop recording artist, producer, and songwriter West Berman with his fiery new party anthem, "Midnight In Magnolia (feat. ProjectBaby JV)."

West Berman is a firm believer in developing sound and sharing new experiences with each project and show. Influenced by Kanye West and Travis Scott, West Berman never fails to share something different, unique, and exciting to showcase his broad creative abilities and dedication to experimental music creation.

In his newest single, "Midnight In Magnolia (feat. ProjectBaby JV)," West Berman teams up with the fellow Houston-based rapper for one stellar track and accompanying music video. The song is the latest installment of West Berman's upcoming debut album, Mightnight in Magnolia, slated to release in late spring 2023.

Diving headfirst into the new single, "Midnight In Magnolia (feat. ProjectBaby JV)," we're greeted with a bouncy and melodic hip-hop arrangement that paves the way for West Berman to smoke our speakers with his unique vocal cadences and undeniable charisma. ProjectBaby JV tackles his verse with tones reminiscent of Lil Baby, but his authentic and engaging performance stylings remain unmatched.

Listeners can better understand the tenacity and energy of the two powerhouse artists in the song's music video, packed with dancers, groupies, and good times. It's clear that West Berman and ProjectBaby JV know how to put on a good party, especially when the clock strikes twelve in Magnolia.

Ready to turn up? Spark up, sip one, and kick back with a heated bop like West Berman and ProjectBaby JV's new single, "Midnight In Magnolia," now available on all digital streaming platforms. Find the song's music video on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, West Berman. We're ready to get the party started after hearing your new single, "Midnight In Magnolia (feat. ProjectBaby JV)." What inspired you to create this lively and energetic party anthem?

Thank you for having me. What honestly inspired this song was my love for home. Even though I'm a proud artist out of Austin, Texas, I will never forget Opelousas, Louisiana. So with my new project I'm working on titled "Midnight in Magnolia," I wanted to make a lead single that resonated with the idea of Texas influences on Louisiana-style beats. So making it up-tempo was a must because both places are ones of very energetic music.

Is this your first time working alongside ProjectBaby JV? What was your collaborative experience like when creating "Midnight In Magnolia (feat. ProjectBaby JV)?"

At that point in time, yes, it was. We actually made that entire song in a few hours! He is a great artist, definitely, someone who matches my energy in the booth, so working together is always fire. When making Midnight, I think the experience hit more personal because we are both from Louisiana. He had a sense of the direction I was going with the song, which made it easier for him to do it all in that session. We have a few songs on the way, actually, so this is for sure just the TIP of the iceberg for us.

What was your goal for the music video for "Midnight In Magnolia (feat. ProjectBaby JV)?" What did you want to offer your viewers?

TO TURN UP! One thing I'm all about, no matter if it's on stage or in videos, is energy. Midnight was an energetic and up-tempo song, so with the help of NKLyfe (a director from Houston, Tx), we were able to give exactly that. We shot it in a Versace-themed Stay in Houston to give it an elegant feel, but we also wanted it to be a party scene because of the actual music. Of course, our main goal was to run up streams and get views, but we also wanted to make a video that people would enjoy viewing more than ONCE! That's my goal for any video I make.

Should we expect to hear the same upbeat party vibes within your forthcoming debut album, Midnight In Magnolia? What else should we anticipate from the project?

You can expect a great mixture from this album! Everything from upbeat to slower, more vibe-like songs. I'm a diverse artist, and I want to capture the attention of all audiences. I want listeners to be able to transition through songs and not feel like it sounds the same as the last. As an artist, all of my projects must show development, so that's definitely what I'm most proud of about Midnight in Magnolia. I'm confident people will be very impressed with my creative style and what this album will bring.

What's next for you?

At the moment, I am preparing for shows and working on my album. I recently just performed with MadeinTYO and UnoTheActivist at Empire here in Austin, so that was a great experience. With ACL and SXSW coming up, I'm looking forward to being a part of those events as well, this time as an artist, so that's always a great feeling! It's a lot more to come to buckle up because this is going to be one fun and exciting ride. In the meantime, stream "DISCOVERY CHNL" and "Midnight in Magnolia!"