Turn Your Dreams Into a Reality With Arielle Perez

Arielle Perez is no stranger to the music industry. At a very young age, this Ontario-based recording artist’s spotlight started to show when she won the title of Little Miss Philippines-Canada 2014, which led her to where she is today in her career. The Filipino-Canadian R&B/Pop artist has an extensive background in the entertainment business. Being a singer-songwriter, model, pianist, dancer, and actress who hails from Ontario, Canada, Arielle Perez believes ‘anything is possible if you work hard and never give up on your dreams.’ Bringing us a striking ballad that fits into the scheme of her picturesque artistry, Arielle Perez delivers the poignant release of “Just a Dream.” Allowing us to tap into her cognizant thoughts in a way that compliments her soul-infused charisma, she has us eagerly hanging onto every word performed throughout this melismatic record.

We can’t help but notice just how perfect the song’s title lines up with her mission statement as an artist. Weaving those intricate aspects into the big picture of how she moves in her musical ways, we feel a genuine connection to the emerging artist as she caresses our heart in this piano forward narrative. Allowing us to appreciate the protruding croons in their captivating state, Arielle Perez has the ability to draw us towards her dreamscapes through emotional connection stirred up within the angelic notes conveyed. “Just a Dream,” carries forth a message that should resonate with her listeners far and wide. As you grasp onto lyrical motifs that are laced together with a thought-provoking consciousness, everything stated comes to the surface as you view it from the lens of Arielle Perez. Taking what we love about her the most, and turning it into a sentimental offering, the therapy that lies within “Just a Dream,” has us feeling optimism on a wavering spectrum of passion.