Ty Anthony Showcases His Unique Flair and Talent in “Here"

Ty Anthony is a Toronto based artist who fuses the sounds of modern R&B with the grooves of the ’80s. Since studying performing and songwriting Ty Anthony is ready to put out his debut single “Here” and it is a beautiful home-y comfort tune.

As we listened we were transported into a beautiful greyscale world that was full of vivid imagery of lost memories that we had with a loved one. A lot of raw emotion is in Ty Anthony’s voice, as you listen you can hear and feel a deep story being told; combined with evolving reverb and delay effects that accent certain phrases. There’s a unique flair in “Here", it blends in a very comfortable sounding guitar, and modern R&B drums that create an incredible mood. As we progress into the song, different feelings begin to emerge; there is some melancholy, a little bit of sadness, and almost a little hint of relief. These fusions come together to create an exciting rollercoaster of feels that lasts throughout the whole tune. Between the emotions, the dynamic effects, the amazing vocal performance, and the vibey instrumental, “Here” is a wonderful retreat of a tune that we will be keeping on repeat all week.

Listen to "Here" by Ty Anthony, here.

Hey Ty Anthony! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Congratulations on your debut release “Here"! What was it like to finally be putting out your first song? What were some of the challenges you overcame during the creation?

The song “Here” means a lot to me. It took a couple of separate occasions where I played it (& other songs) for various family members, for me to finally come to the conclusion that it was going to be the first single. A challenge I overcame during the creation of this song was the fact that it was so personal to me. The lyrical content was based on real-life experience, so sharing that was definitely scary, but ultimately the right choice.

In “Here”, there is a really cool blend between modern and more vintage elements, what had inspired you to learn in this artistic style? What about Prince and Michael Jackson do you draw inspiration from?

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, has & always will heavily influence my artistry. I wouldn’t say this specific song highlights that statement, but as my catalog begins to unfold, I think people will see that to be true. 

When you initially wrote “Here", what types of things were you thinking about when creating the lyrics? How do they connect with you personally?

The lyrics in this song were to depict the adversity I’ve overcome in the last couple of years. It’s been a series of Ups & Downs, losing people I truly cared about, developing trust issues, etc .. but what never changed was my will to get back up. I had to take accountability, and that’s exactly what I said in the song “I’m Here”. 

What does your typical writing process look like? Do you ever sit behind a specific instrument and just jam out? Or do you find yourself going out and jotting ideas down as you go about life?

For me, inspiration strikes at any moment of any given time. Anywhere from sitting at my desk playing piano, to hearing a controversial topic that I wanna shed light on. I’ve always been able to fall back on music as a coping mechanism for anything I’m going through, good or bad.