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TYCHE Releases Anticipated Music Video for, "I Don't Have Depression"

Emerging pop duo TYCHE are here to represent a variety of narratives that garner some real attention. Their latest release consists of a single, titled "I Don't Have Depression", which was inspired by personal realizations that led to real and effective changes. A music video accompanies TYCHE's single release, giving viewers a more visual understanding of the song's intentions.

"I Don't Have Depression" begins with an ominous nightly journey, leaving viewers in pure curiosity for what will soon unravel. Eventually, the setting unveiled is a forest, where even more suspense collects with a lack of clarity on what will happen to the characters next. Despite the obscurity, TYCHE's lyrics are still able to make sense with the visual adventure we're taken on. Many analogies can be interpreted with the ambiguous events that unfold, which gives the music video a strong edge.

Let's talk a bit more about the actual production and lyrical quality of "I Don't Have Depression". The introductory melody consists of soft-strumming guitar rhythms that set an almost romanticized-like setting. Once the vocals of TYCHE pierce the air, a real sense of harmony is unleashed and the melody only builds itself from there.

Arriving at the chorus, more rambunctious energy is created, which sparks a fervor of emotions from listeners. Ultimately, "I Don't Have Depression" has a creative punch that will be felt for quite some time.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, TYCHE. Making a recent move to Los Angeles, CA, do you feel settled into the music scene there?

Thank you so much, Buzz! Honestly, we moved to LA right before lockdown, so we’re just starting to adjust now. The city was empty, but now it feels so alive. Luckily being stuck at home for so long helped us make our EP and we’ve gotten to meet a lot of new people as things are starting to open back up. We’re ready to dive in full force and feel like we have good timing, unlike last year.

What does the release of "I Don't Have Depression" and its music video mean for you as a duo? Can you elaborate more on the emotional ties to this song for both of you?

Jake: For me, the song has always been deeply rooted in constant self-reflection. Like who am I today? What version of myself am I going to be to the people I interact with? Will they like me, or will they think I’m weird or wrong in some way? Should I be happier? Funnier? More serious..? And it spirals on and on. So finally letting this song be released, is me making my peace with worry and doubt. Is the song good enough? Is Tyche good enough? It doesn’t matter… in the end, I did this for myself.

Saydi: I think the “versions of myself” aspect drove the direction of the video. The multiples of me towards the end visualize letting go of those thoughts, losing the darkness. My depression comes in waves and when it does I feel buried, lost. All I hear is my own footsteps and breathing, everything else becomes noise. But you get through it, even if it’s not fixed forever. I want there to be light at the end of the tunnel even if there’s another tunnel later down the road. This song and video is our first work together as a duo- it feels freeing. It’s the first page out of our book and I think that many people relate to where we are in our life, especially nowadays. “I’m doing the best that I can” - ya know?

What were you two hoping viewers and listeners took away from "I Don't Have Depression?" Were you intending the music video to shed more light on the lyrical content of the song?

We hope that the listeners feel like they’re not alone when they listen to the song. I remember being a kid, listening to music in my room, and feeling like a song was the only thing that understood what I was going through. Our goal in life is to do that for other people too.

We wanted the video to be more up for interpretation rather than matching up perfectly with the lyrics. We’ve gotten questions like, who died? What are you running from? Which one of you is missing? In the end, we were both out there trying to find a way back.

Saydi: I hope there are some moments in there where you realize, “oh yeah, I’ve felt that way too.” I didn’t want the story to be too specific for me, it’s a story for everyone.

As a duo, how does the creative process go about for you two? How are creative differences, if any, resolved?

Saydi: It usually starts with a simple vocal track with either guitar or piano, adding Jake’s percussion from there. We like to have our primary instruments locked in before going into production mode, but sometimes we hear/do something cool and just let the song take us where it wants to go. Half of the time the lyrics aren’t finished, but developing the sound helps me finish writing. “I Don’t Have Depression” was written in one go, but man it was the hardest song we’ve produced together. We started over a few times until it felt right. We absolutely have creative differences. I grew up listening to soft pop, alternative, indie music. Jake’s a straight-up pop-punk kid. So completing this song together was like finally fusing all the energy we put into our craft, then balancing it out so we’re not stepping all over each other. We have the rule to resolve differences - it’s just to try out the idea. Add it to the song, sit on it for a day, and then make the decision. Sometimes the idea sucks, sometimes it’s the answer to what we’ve been missing.


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